Torah Pearls #37 – Shlach (Numbers 13:1-15:41)

atonement, caleb, forgiveness, fringes, hosea, hoshea, jesus, joshua, meraglim, religious police, slang, spies, torah pearls, tzitzit, yehoshua, yeshua, torah pearls shlach, numbers, nehemia gordon, torah portion, hebrew slang, torah, sinIn this episode of The Original Torah PearlsShlach (Numbers 13:1-15:41),  we discuss what does the name Hoshea mean? Is there Hebrew slang in the Torah? What is God’s perspective of forgiveness? Caleb and Jesus went into the land? What does it mean to sin with an uplifted hand? Also, beware of the tzitzit police!

I look forward to reading your comments!

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33 thoughts on “Torah Pearls #37 – Shlach (Numbers 13:1-15:41)

  1. So thankful for the ‘food’ I am fed from your discussions on Yehovah and His words. May your hearts always be so humble to learn from Yehovah His truths and so willing to share them with His people.

  2. We’ve been listening to the original Torah Pearls for years.

    Weekly Shabbat meeting is usually held in our home, so in preparation for discussions of the week’s Torah reading, your program has proven invaluable!!

    To have this permanent record of teachings accessible to all is a true blessing.

    Many thanks to Nehemia, Keith and Jono
    for your willingness to serve our Creator YHVH thru the tireless work put into creating The Original Torah Pearls.

    Rodger & Dawn McPherson

  3. ” tested me these ten times” – This reads to me as a reference to what has just happened in regard to the ten spies- ten WORDS, ten false witnesses – add your own.. Are not the “ten” doubt-filled reports lodged against Yehovah’s WILL for Israel at this moment in time, ten challenges to Yehovah’s ability to complete what he has begun ? The context is clearly relating to the TEN OFFENSES ( voices ) spoken against Yehovah, the People and the Plan. At least that’s how I read this portion. Thanks again guys for the great commentary.

  4. I am listening to this again. I’m a chain listener and it’s you guys made me late for my portion, I’m still chewing the succulence of the old one again and again and a….

  5. So are we not required to wear tzitzits all the time? I’ve noticed Nehemia that you don’t wear them so I thought that maybe you could shed some light on this. If I don’t wear my tzitzits is it a sin?

  6. I am the Tzitzit police. . I’m puzzled as to why there is any question about tzizit being visible. I think tzitzit has two functions, besides remind us of the Law it also helps to keep us humble. We see in Numbers 15:30 “But if a person should act highhandedly…he is blaspheming the Lord…” God doesn’t want us to be arrogant. Strings on one’s clothing is a sign of poverty or poor taste in fashion. Tzitzit can keep us humble.
    Then in 15:32 it gives an example of gathering wood on Shabbat and the penalty, which is followed by the commandment to wear tzizit culminating in Num 15:39 This shall be fringes for you, and when you see it, you will remember all the commandments of the Lord to perform them, and you shall not wander after your hearts and after your eyes after which you are going astray.” Isn’t it clear it’s meant to be seen during the entire course of the day? And isn’t “corners” just meant to say the front and back, left and right side? As far as we know from ancient drawings, isn’t it correct that the main garment was a robe? Is there any other verse in the Tanach to suggest any garment had 4 corners?

      • Thanks for getting back with me, Nehemia. It’s a funny video and I enjoy the humor but at the end of the day, I think my comment/question deserves a serious answer.
        Also, any chance you can have the system automatically notify us when someone posts a reply to our comment?

        • You made a series of assumptions about the tzitzit and then announced yourself the police to enforce your understanding based on your assumptions. This definitely does not require a serious response. When the King Messiah comes and reigns here as a flesh and blood king on Earth, then we will have a authorized “tzitzit police”. Until then, I respect your right to have your opinions, but stay out of my tzitzit!

          • Nehemia, I used the phrase, “I am the tzizit police” in response to a comment you made in the lecture. As best as I recall, you said there was a common Hebrew expression that if someone is delving too much into one’s personal business one says, “he is examining my tzizit” or something like that. Because I had a question about tzizit, I thought it would be funny to preface it with “I am the tzizit police.” That part was meant as a joke but in hindsight I see it wasn’t heard the way I intended.

            So the ‘assumptions’ I made are my understanding how these verses should be interpreted and my question is what is wrong with my interpretations? What are the weaknesses in my argument? Thank you and Shabbat Shalom

    • Martin, you’ve made good points. I’ve thought for most of my life that our bodies are our garment which covers our spirit & soul. One day, I read where a man said that ‘the beginning of a man is his hands, and the end, his feet’. So, contemplating this while looking at my hands, I saw the blue veins at my wrists and, the fact that we have ten ‘fringes’ (fingers), I immediately thought of the ten commandments and also the scripture to wear tzitzyot. Our bodies are our tallit; I wear the tzitzyot on my wrists and ankles….the 4 corners of my garment. I am female which, according to what the tzitzit police say, should not wear them. But in Yehovah’s eyes, we are all called ‘man’. I am His.

      Nehemia, you are such a huge blessing to me! Thank you and may you be blessed. I tie the tzitzyot loosely on my wrists and ankles so that, if I’m washing my hands, showering, or any circumstance that I don’t want them to get wet or dirty, I can take them off and put them back on as soon as I can. I love Yehovah’s Word!

    • Martin; just a thought, the “corners” are actually “canphoth”, or “wings”. I interpret that to be any 4 wing-like extremities on any garment. My own use is tiny hand made fringes on shirt lapels and cuffs or ends of short sleeves. “Nano-fringes”. Don’t shoot, I’ll be good…

  7. I’ve come to share that a rejecting of the member who defies YHWHS ORDER is put out so to keep a clean assembly. Looking at how YSHWH spoke has confirmed it for some may be weak and feeble so hashatan would use that to cause stumbling blocks in the weaker vessels…

  8. 1:19:56
    If Yehovah gave Moses an Oral Law as the Rabbis claim, then he would not have had to ask Him what to do with a man who breaks the Sabbath day commandment. In other words, there is no Oral Law from heaven. 😉

  9. Isaiah 43:10-11 (NASB)
    “You are My witnesses,” declares Yehovah, “and My servant whom I have chosen, so that you may know and believe Me and understand that I am He. Before Me there was no God formed, and there will be none after Me. I, even I, am Yehovah, and there is no savior besides Me.

  10. Thanks for putting out these programs; I have been enjoying them for a few weeks now… Love how the humor keeps things lively.

    I wanted to address what I think is an inaccuracy about Caleb. I believe (though Biblical genealogies are sometimes confusing) that Caleb’s lineage from Judah is given in 1 Chronicles chapter 4, and possibly in chapter 2 as well. I don’t believe that he was part of the mixed multitude. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    I only bring it up because sometimes people build their theological world around such details, and if one is going to do that, they need to have the details straight.

    Thanks again for a great program. I look forward to listening next week.


  11. Excellent program as usual – The TzitTzit police. Worldwide Church of God we were in had a similar issue with some who would carry their bibles openly on a bus to Sabbath services to show they were not ashamed of Jesus, which also provoked fellow passengers to comment, so they could ‘witness’ to them.

  12. Is it possible for you to write out the opening prayer in Hebrew, both the letters as well as the vowel points; I can read Hebrew but I could not catch the individual words as you prayed asking Yahveh-God to open our eyes to the hidden things of His Torah. This is an echo of my own heart’s desire and prayer, which He has and continues to answer.

  13. In discussion between you 3 gentlemen on 14:20-24 the focus centered on the first part of v.20 “and Yahveh answered, I have forgiven, ..” and if one would have looked closer at the second part “…as you have asked.” to see exactly what Mosheh did ask Yahveh to do, we see that Yahveh-God did forgive as Mosheh asked: a) Yahveh-God did not wipe all of them out but allowed 2 of the whole multitude at that time 600,000+ to live and receive His promised land; (b) it is very probable that within that group there were 3 generations of families and quite possibly 4 generations [say one is 80 yrs old, thier children are 55-60 yrs, whose children would be @ 35-40 yrs old and maybe they now have children 15-20 yrs of age]; (c) as Yahveh-God, He has the right to give to whom He chooses whatever, and He chose to give the land of promise then to the “seed” of a beliving Hebrew/Jew and a believing non-Hebrew/Jew.

    Also, the word “seed’ [zera’] which comes from “zara'” meaning “to sow” is the same word when Yahveh-God spoke to Avram/Abram (Abraham) in Exodus 12:1-3; 13:14-17; 15:1-20; 17:1-14 *v.3-6; and 22:15-18. In which case Yahveh-God was speaking both of his physical descendants as well as his spiritual “descendants” = those who had the same faith as Avram did in Yahveh-God. So, perhaps here in Num. 14:20-24 the “seed” if Kalev (Caleb) may be also both types of seed?

    I so appreciate all three of you men! I give Yahveh-God praise and thanks for this program, even though it is only @ 1.5 hrs long – by the time I pause and do my looking up of referenced passages, etc. it takes me three or more times longer to finish it! It is a wonderful way to spend my Shabbat.

  14. I really enjoyed this study. The knowledge that each of you guys each brought to the table was great. I always learn so much from Keith and Nehemia…was just recently introduced to Jono.

    I just did a study on this Torah portion last week with a friend, but I will definitely send her to this site to listen!

    One comment about the W.W.J.D. I was around middle school age when these came out. I’m a church kid, so I had one..or a few. I don’t think that it was suppose to give people the liberty to decide what to do in situations in the name of “Jesus”. I think that it was supposed to be a reminder to kids while at school on what to do right morally. Kind of like the tzitzit, but maybe they were depending on the stories, parables, and words of Jesus.

    Now that I’m messianic, I think that the tzitzit is clearer, though W.W.J.D. was definitely a pre-cursor for me.

    I need to learn more about the tzitzit. Didn’t know it was mandatory…still not sure.

    • By the way, that unripened peach Nehemia was eating being mistaken for chips at the beginning was hilarious!

      LOL @ Keith “Put that back on the tree.”

    • Re:WWJD…Yes,WWJD is a modern type of the “tzitzit”(a mirror front wards & backwards & inward of ones own moral deeds & actions of “ones heart” before a wonderful God Yah). Its interesting how things get twisted to meet other peoples agenda.
      This reminds me of a story a Jevhoah Witness told me. The windows of there meeting hall where always being shot out so when they rebuilt their hall they built it with no windows. Then one days she was asked “so what are you guy doing behind thoughs walls you dont have any windows?” She replied we dont have any windows because someone keeps on shooting them out!.

      Dont shoot out the ‘windows of the heart’ of anyone who wants to love WWJD/The Father or the Son.

      (Ref: Christian tv:WWJD).

  15. Great show to all three! As always you have given me much to contemplate by offering your unique perspectives, insights, and translations. Thanks again.

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