Torah Pearls #43 – Masei (Numbers 33:1-36:13)

Torah Pearls MaseiIn this episode of The Original Torah Pearls, Masei (Numbers 33:1-36:13), we reach the final portion for the Book of Numbers! Among the topics we discuss is, how are the gentiles who join themselves to Yehovah (Isaiah 56) assigned to one of the twelve tribes, as Calev was assigned to Judah?

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14 thoughts on “Torah Pearls #43 – Masei (Numbers 33:1-36:13)

  1. Oh my, I am in awe again! Caleb and his heart for Yehovah!. A Gentile who somehow knew that Yehovah was different from all the other gods of the people around him, and joined himself to Yehovah to follow Him and go wherever He led, so he settles in the tribe of Judah and becomes part of God’s chosen people. But what gets me is…this Canaanite man saw Yehovah split the Red Sea and the people go through it; he saw the Egyptians destroyed in the Sea; he saw the power of Yehovah at Mount Sinai; he saw Yehovah protect and provide for Israel, he saw the cloud by day and the pillar of fire at night, and all this time His steadfast faith in Yehovah was growing stronger and stronger, and when the time came to survey the people in the land that he once had known and that the spies were being sent to, there was no doubt in his heart that the Canaanites were no match for the majestic, powerful, all-knowing Yehovah that he followed and served. It is just astonishing to me to see how the little flame of faith in a heart comes into being to believe in Yehovah, how it grows in love and persuasion that there is no one like Yehovah, the Creator of this world, and that He can do whatever He has promised to do. Caleb ‘KNEW’ Yehovah and consequently in his heart, the people of Canaan were nothing compared to Yehovah. The other spies did not ‘KNOW’ Yehovah, and to them the people of Canaan were huge giants and more powerful than Yehovah. Wow! How incredible it is to see a heart so taken up with Yehovah and so convinced about Him and what He can do that he can stand strong against the Doubt of 10 other princes/leaders of Israel! May Yehovah give me that same faith in Him, I earnestly pray!

  2. Love to you all…For the new follower of your teachings I find it very difficult to follow just because you speak so quickly, of course because you are all so knowledgeable but I sure wish I could get more of what you are saying…Is there a book?

    • Hello Dorothy, gratefully, Nehemiah’s audio podcasts continue to play even if you bring up another site such as or, so that you can follow along in your preferred translation. Another help is to listen to all of the Open Door series. Many blessings.

    • Yes, Dorothy, both Nehemia and Keith Johnson have written some excellent books that expand on some of the teachings of the Torah. I would love to see a book or books that follow along with each Torah lesson, similar to the explanation that is given with each segment only expanded.

  3. I have a question regarding bloodline according to the rabbies:
    What happened when a jewish brother and sister both marry a non-Jew. According to the rabbies the children of the brother would be considered non-Jews and the children of his sister would be Jews. I personally think that’s absurd. For me there is no difference. If your parents were Jews then you and your children and so on are Jews.

    • I think the reason that the Rabbies feel this way is that the mothers spend the most time with the child raising them in the ways of their God. If the woman is a non Jew she is more likely to raise her children in the traditions of her heritage which may be non Jewish traditions( with non Jewish gods) while the Jewish woman would be more likely to raise her children as Jewish. Please read 1 Kings 11:1-10 and the 10th chapter of Ezra.

    • Evelin, I tend to agree with you. If the wives in question choose to follow Y’hovah there shouldn’t be a problem. However, the scriptures that Marianne brings up talk about wives who seem to have continued following their pagan deities. Had the “strange wives” turned to Y’hovah there wouldn’t have been a problem. We should always turn to the Word and read what it says very carefully and attentively when addressing issues like this.

      • Not correct according to our Jewish writings. After the temple was gone , many pogroms went on and Jewish women were raped. Having children out of wedlock is a problem. It is impossible to know who the father was, but is very obvious who the mother was. Thus if the mother is Jewish then the child is Jewish . Who knows who the father may be. So blame the falling of the nation, the Temple, and the violence against the Jewish people for this change. Hope this helps.

  4. My husband and I have been hearing Torah Pearls for some months and we have been blessed. Today I loved the connection of Caleb who descended from the cenezeites but became a prince of Judah because he was levited or joined to Yehovah!!! Is 56 and Ezeq. 47. I was impressed that Yehovah gave the complete Torah outside the land of Israel! Shabat Shalom Florence from Guatemala. july 2014

  5. YES!!! We need to look at ourselves first and foremost!!! That is where it all begins! Makes it much, much, much, more difficult to point fingers.

    I’m wondering if that is not one of the most important things He is trying to tell us?

    I could go on far more on this!

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