The Book of Jasher Exposed

Hannibal-Crossing-Alps-Wikimedia300pxIn my Support Team StudyThe Book of Jasher (Sefer HaYashar), I reveal whether the book of Jasher published in 1625 could be the same one mentioned in Joshua and 2Samuel. I had no idea what I would find when I began my research and am relieved after all these years to finally have a definitive answer. If you have wondered whether the Book of Jasher we have today is the ancient book referred to in the Tanakh, have a listen to the evidence I share in this episode. Continue reading

Hebrew Voices #33 – The Lost Book of Jasher

The Lost Book of Jasher - Page ImageThis is a special preview of an upcoming Hebrew Voices episode on The Lost Book of Jasher. The Tanakh mentions a book called Sepher Ha-Yashar, which seemingly disappeared off the face of the Earth thousands of years ago. An English translation of Jasher then showed up in 1840 claiming to be this lost Biblical book. If this is the original Jasher mentioned in Joshua and 2 Samuel, it would be more important than the Dead Sea Scrolls! I tracked down the world's foremost expert on the Book of Jasher, Joseph Dan, a retired professor from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Prof. Dan is a winner of the Israel Prize, the equivalent of the Noble Prize for Jewish Studies. If you ever wondered about the lost Book of Jasher mentioned in the Bible, you will want to listen to my interview with Professor Dan. Please leave your comments below. Continue reading