Prophet Pearls #4 – Vayeira (2 Kings 4:1-37)

In this week's episode of Prophet Pearls, Vayeira (2 Kings 4:1-4:37), the miracles of Elisha yield fascinating pearls as Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson discuss the similarities and differences of Elisha’s and Elijah’s stories, the measure of spirit that Elisha really asked for, whether the Shunammite was full of faith or just evasive—and why her travels on Shabbat present problems for both rabbis and Karaites. Gordon looks at other instances of resurrection in the Tanakh and gives chapter and verse explaining how the books of the Tanakh are grouped according to three fields of knowledge. We also learn that whether the prophets are considered “classical” or “literary,” these guys completely expected to be kept in the loop. Continue reading