Hebrew Voices #30 – Nephilim and Demons in the Book of Enoch

Hebrew-Voices-Nephilim-and-Demons-in-the-Book-of-EnochIn this episode of Hebrew Voices, Nephilim and Demons in the Book of Enoch, Nehemia talks with Dr. Miryam Brand about the Book of Watchers, which is another name for the first 36 chapters of 1 Enoch. The intrigue begins in Genesis 6:1-4 when “sons of God” got together with “daughters of men” and “Nephilim” seem to have been the result—a passage Nehemia considers the most difficult in the Tanakh. The Book of Watchers is an attempt by ancient Jews to explain this mysterious passage in the Torah.

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Hebrew Voices #23 – The Temple Floor Lady (Rebroadcast)

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, The Temple Floor Lady, I meet with The Temple Floor Lady, Frankie Snyder. Frankie works at the Temple Mount Sifting Project in Jerusalem, reconstructing ancient floors. Frankie explains how she pieces together the pieces of floor discovered in the archaeological excavations. I got excited when she showed me, and let me touch, the ancient paving stones that covered the surface of the Jerusalem Temple in the 1st century CE. Unlike a Mosaic, which makes use of uniform cubes, the "opus sectile" floors of the Temple were made up of light and dark stones from all over the ancient world, cut into diverse shapes and sizes, and fit together into a grand puzzle to form intricate patterns. As I was speaking to Frankie I realized the floor tiling of the "House of Prayer for All Nations" was a picture of God's people. Made up of diverse colors and shapes, coming from far off lands with different backgrounds and ideas, the nations flowing unto Jerusalem will prophetically fit together into Yehovah's plan of salvation for mankind! Continue reading

Hebrew Voices #22 – A Physicist on Creation, Evolution, and the Human Soul (Rebroadcast)

A-Physicist-on-Creation-Evolution-and-the-Human-Soul-300pxIn this episode of Hebrew Voices, A Physicist on Creation, Evolution, and the Human Soul, Nehemia Gordon continues a conversation with orthodox Jewish physicist Dr. Gerald Schroeder. Because modern Bible commentators tend to bend the Bible to match science, Schroeder studied Nachmanides which led him to see no discrepancy between six days of creation ad 14 billion years of evolution. While religious minds grapple with the concept of time compression, Schroeder claims it is elementary stuff to physicists—and all a matter of perspective. Continue reading

Hebrew Voices #24 – Proclaiming a Leap Year of Faith

Proclaiming-a-Leap-Year-of-Faith600pxThis week's episode of Hebrew Voice, Proclaiming a Leap Year of Faith, was recorded live on the Aviv Search in 2016. We take you to the very place of the proclamation in the barley fields of Israel. Walk with us through the process as we uncover God's appointed times according to the calendar hard-wired into Creation!

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Hebrew Voices #19 – Holy City Soccer

Holy-City-SoccerIn this episode of Hebrew Voices, Holy City Soccer, Nehemia Gordon attends a “football match” between Hapoel Be'er Sheva and Beitar Jerusalem. Between the cheers of goals and shots on net, Gordon chats with Ari Louis, an Israeli sports blogger. Louis starts off explaining about the teams, their strategies, and soccer fans in Israel, but the conversation quickly turned spiritual. Continue reading

Hebrew Voices #18 – From Islam to Israel

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, From Islam to Israel, Nehemia Gordon engages with the unique voice of Shamir Barnett—a living example of those who say, “We have heard that God is with you.” Raised Muslim, Barnett first heard the God of Israel speak to her heart as a young child standing in her bedroom doorway. This 7th-grade graduate is now studying for her second Master’s Degree in biblical studies—this time from Israel’s Bar-Ilan University. Barnett describes herself as a believer in Yeshua with a Hebrew roots understanding. She explains her disconnect from the culture of Christianity because it does not honor the Sabbath of the feasts of Yehovah. Continue reading

Hebrew Voices #12 – Nazarene Grape Pickers

This episode of Hebrew Voices – Nazarene Grape Pickers– begins with Nehemia Gordon driving into the “west bank” to learn why people from all over the world are coming there to assist the Jewish farmers of Judea and Samaria. Settle down in the passenger seat and enjoy the ride as Gordon reflects on the significance of the roads into the area – out near Bethel, and alongside the olive groves of Shiloh where the Tabernacle once stood. You won’t get too comfy though because Gordon also explains the close proximity of Jewish and Palestinian territories in the area and the risk of rocks and Molotov cocktails being thrown at cars passing through. Continue reading

Hebrew Voices #8 – Prophets, Priests, and Preachers

A white dove at the traditional Christian site of the baptism. Nehemia continues a conversation with Anthony Garcia on the bank of the Jordan River. Garcia reads verses from the New Testament about the baptism of Yeshua, which is believed to have taken place a few feet away from where this episode was recorded. Verses in the Tanakh possibly related to Yeshua's baptism are discussed and we learn about Adoptionists—early followers of Yeshua who considered his baptism a turning point in his life and ministry. Gordon discusses the forbidden altar built along the Jordan by two and half tribes, and how an echo of the nine and half tribes’ displeasure (“What have you to do with the Lord God of Israel?”) can still be heard today.  In closing, Gordon declares the words of Scripture to be a testimony that those joined to the God of Israel do have a portion with his people and with his Torah.

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Hebrew Voices #7 – Orthodox Jew Who Sights the New Moon

Orthodox Jew Who Sights the New Moon, Hebrew, hoffman, calendar, software Orthodox Jew, Jew, Judaism, New Moon, Crescent, sighting, Chemistry, Scientist, Science, Rosh Chodesh, Maimonodes, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Teruah, Archeo-astronomy, SanhedrinIn this episode of Hebrew Voices, Orthodox Jew Who Sights the New Moon, Nehemia Gordon delves deep into Rosh Chodesh with Dr. Roy Hoffman, founder of the Israeli New Moon Society. From Moses, to Hillel the Younger, to Maimonides, Hoffman explains Orthodox perspectives related to sightings of the new moon.  Hoffman also introduces LunaCal, a free software application he developed to calculate when and where the new moon is most lightly to be visible.

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Hebrew Voices #5 – Ambushed on the Temple Mount

Hebrew Voices, Ambushed on the Temple Mount, israel, news, Temple Mount, Islamic, Jordanian Police, Jerusalem, israel, news, Jerusalem JaneThis morning I was peacefully walking on the Temple Mount with a born-again Danish Christian lady named "Jerusalem Jane." And then we got ambushed!  Islamic guards masquerading as Jordanian Police surrounded us! The confrontation became an international incident. And we caught it on video. In this episode of Hebrew Voices, I go behind the scenes with Jerusalem Jane to talk about what really happened.

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