Prophet Pearls #52 – Vayelech (Isaiah 55:6-56:8)

Prophet Pearls Vayelech, everlasting name, everlasting name not cut off, foreigners israel, isaiah, Isaiah 55:6-56:8, jewish soul, joined to israel, Keith Johnson, lavah joined, nehemia gordon, outcasts of israel, parashah, Parsha, parshas, parshat, Prophecy, Prophet Pearls, prophets, Vayelech, Vayelech haftarah, vayelech prophets, yad vashemIn this episode of Prophet Pearls, Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson discuss the Prophets portion for Vayelech, covering Isaiah 55:6-56:8. Gordon and Johnson rejoice in this portion that heralds good news for the wicked, the unrighteous, the outcasts of Israel, the eunuch and the foreigner. And if none of these describe you, feel free to check “other.”

The portion begins with a play on words with nothing less than God’s name and the promise that he “will be found” by whoever seeks him. This inclusive statement is supported by the word-of-the-week lavah/joined—the concept of non-Jews joining themselves to Yehovah—a persistent and straightforward biblical concept often muddied by the metaphysical idea of a “Jewish soul.” Gordon compares other scriptures about God’s great big umbrella, explains why the words “yad vashem” appear in this portion, and provides four rabbinical interpretations of the “everlasting name” that shall not be cut off. In closing, Johnson thanks Yehovah for welcoming the foreigner and choosing to place his name on his holy mountain in Jerusalem.

"For My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations." Isaiah 56:7

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16 thoughts on “Prophet Pearls #52 – Vayelech (Isaiah 55:6-56:8)

  1. Shalom. Questions: Are not the obedience laws of the Torah expected to be the very same laws of YeHoVaH’s coming eternal Kingdom when Messiah comes? If so, does THAT not make it CRITICAL for ALL, regardless of Jew or Christian, lost tribe or Muslim, to question – is this life then not a testing ground for us to show YeHoVaH whether we are willing to obey or not?

    One other thing that I realized today, that within the word Shabbat or Sabbath, the middle of the word is “abba”, Father?

  2. This prophet pearl spoke to me and gave me Hope. My husband and I are fairly new to seeking the Hebrew roots of our Faith. We wondered where we ‘fit-in’. At times we have felt as if ‘Jews’ do not want we,’ gentiles’, to be joined together. This may be our own misunderstanding? Thanks to you both for your dedication, hard work, and sacrifices you’ve made to bring clarity to the whole Word of GOD/YHVH. Bless you both and your families. Come visit western NC !

  3. Susan
    July 2nd 2017 at 08.22 am

    Listening to the study yesterday just reminded me of a time many years ago when as a new Christian I went with my husband to Germany. The week before we had been at our church where we were “Saved”, with lots of “Happy Praise”. So on the next Sunday we went to the army church to find some other brothers and sisters in Christ and to praise GOD. What I found was all the “Tradition”, I didn’t like it at all and went out side to talk to GOD about it. That was when GOD spoke to me the verses from Isaiah 55:8-9. I really felt that my hand had been slapped and that GOD had His plans. I found in the two years that I was there, a deeper knowledge of the GOD that I said I worshipped and a deeper understanding of the people I worshipped with. That was in 1990 and now between 2015 till 2017 I have grown even more as I have spent time with Nehemia and Keith in their wonderful studies: keep it up, I really enjoy them and feel so uplifted. Well done to you Guys.

  4. Putting away a plastic glass the other day, I was reminded of the “rule” my grand children made concerning those glasses. There are three glasses, each with a very small number imprinted on the bottom, 4, 5, and 24. Because the oldest child was 5 they “ruled” that she had to use the one marked 5, the next oldest child had to use the one with the 4, and the youngest had to use the one marked 24 because none were 24 and she was the youngest. Humans seem to be intrinsic rule makers! Who made the rule that “You don’t count”? The same ones who made the rule that you have to have three Jewish men to say their special prayer. Those who have joined themselves to YHVH do not count by their rules, but they do not get to make the rules of the Kingdom. If it saddens us to be told we don’t count by others of Israel, how much more must it sadden the Father who has gathered us to Himself!! YHVH has said that He will not separate us from His people even though some think that the god they have created out of their own hearts would. Thank you Nehemia and Keith for for stating again what the scripture says and not trying to fabricate an exclusive group which keeps others out.

  5. Wow, with all we are facing at this time, this Fall Feast season, what you are speaking is more appropriate now than it was the year you spoke it! N. said a little quip about Syria that I need to go back and listen to carefully – I’ll bet it may have more meaning right now. Who could have imagined the terrible mess the West is largely responsible for there and in other M.E countries today. We DESPERATELY need to repent. And, as Yair Davidy points out thousands of times at, most of the “lost tribes” are located in the West. So, this study has renewed my hope and given me a more positive vision of the not-so-far-off future – mass repentance after we finally understand how our stubborn arrogance and idolatry would ultimately impact millions of innocent men, women and children. It IS a confusing mess – and only Messiach ccan help us figure the way out of it. Ruach, work on our heats and minds now, and Yehovah – pease send Meshiach at the soonest possible moment!!!

    Keith, I love what you shared re: being a kIbbutzed/gathered in one. That is how I always related to the Word, too – just feeling so amazed that He let me know about the possibility, and His heart for ALL PEOPLE!!! MOST OF ALL, I JUST WANT TO BE A GRATEFUL DAUGHTER AND A DELIGHT TO H I S HEART &: >

    By the way … loads of Believers feel the same way here in my part of the world – which I cannot reveal. Please pray for us faithfully, and I do what I can to share your tidbits, too. Hugs, blessings prayers.




  7. As we prepare for Yom Kippur, how appropriate to remind us of the love of יהוה and how with repentance, forgiveness is assured.

  8. Thanks again for your dedication to the scriptures. One important thought that I would like to share… in the book of Revelation the Eunuchs are described as those that never leave from the presence of Yshua and the wall described in Isaiah 56:5 is a feminine active participle of an unused root meaning to join or to surround. My opinion is that the eunuchs of this verse and also in the book of Revelation dwell and maintain a semicircle before the heavenly throne and abide there and dwell forever there. Shalom from Benyahmeen.

  9. I am learning so much from your group. I just started listening to your teachings a short while ago and have started at the beginning. I love writing the corrections in my poor English translation and I understand the name of Yehovah from your Open Door Series. I listened to you in Jackson, Ohio in person and I am learning some Hebrew. I came from Sunday Keeping over a year ago and love the Torah, I am Israel and I love learning everyday. Keep up the good work and may Yehovah bless and keep you.

  10. This happens on Earth not in Heaven.All people and former governments are under YHVH. Not the other way around. One example of how he gathering out of other nations and makes them count is the book of Ruth. She was protected and she was elevated as she became the wife of a well respected man and then later the grandmother of David..

  11. Now that you’ve brought this subject up, would somebody please explain this to me? ALL religions throughout the ENTIRE world, describe their congregational building as a house of worship. Yet from Genesis to Revelation, the Bible calls it a house of prayer. It is a MAJOR functional difference between a house of worship and a house of prayer. Why does humanity look at an apple and call it an orange?

  12. Good Sabbath from New Mexico, USA. Just wondering about you statement that God put His name on Jerusalem for the Jewish people? Why not for Israel? Blessings & hugs are you do the work of our Father.

    • Wow absolutely the best prophet pearls yet. This was what I needed today. I love you guys! Dont ever stop working together for Yehovah. in whatever form, it will be blessed.

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