Prophet Pearls #12 – Vayechi (1 Kings 2:1-12)

King David's dying charge to Solomon - Prophet Pearls Vayechi (1 Kings 2:1-12)In this week's episode of Prophet Pearls, Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson discuss the Prophets portion for Vayechi covering 1 Kings 2:1-12. King David nears death and gives final instructions to Solomon in this portion that parallels the blessings Jacob gave to his sons. David’s “command” to Solomon to “be a man” and to “keep” the “Torah” yields strand after strand of pearls as Gordon teaches on these key words—their  first usage, roots, forms, and the versatile ways in which they are used (and connected) throughout the Tanakh.

Johnson explores the only verse in Scripture where “commandments,” “statutes,” “ordinances,” and “testimonies” occur together and intuits why David chose them. Gordon provides insight into rabbinical and Karaite views on the Torah of Moses, the oral Torah, and also the theory of the “Hexateuch”—a view that Joshua completed the Torah. Regarding David’s instructions for dealing with Joab, Shimei, and the sons Barzillai, we learn additional context for each story—and why David selected these friends and foes for special bequeathals.

The last word of the Portion reveals that Solomon’s kingdom was established “firmly”—in Hebrew “meod” / mem-alef-dalet. Gordon closes with a prayer that the descendant of David will soon sit on the throne to keep and to teach the treasure of Yehovah, and that his kingdom will be established “meod.”

"Now the days of David drew nigh that he should die; and he charged Solomon his son" 1 Kings 2:1

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15 thoughts on “Prophet Pearls #12 – Vayechi (1 Kings 2:1-12)

  1. Just to let you know that I pray for you daily.And I do not have much but I will send what I can each month.I believe in you!

  2. I got so excited because you both hit on a topic I have been trying to understand then just passed over it. How did Abraham have the Torah? What did he have and where did he get it? You guys came so close!

  3. What a precious time this has been – like a FEAST. This is my out of the box comment I KEPT seeing clearer and clearer. Father our sovereign supreme Yehovah Elohim has opened his treasure heart through his Torah – his Father nature.

    I began to understand “A Prayer to our Father” in your book Nehemia and Keith in a different context. I realized as you both unfolded “kept” that every time we walk in his ways, commandments, testimony…… we sanctify his name – we activate his light in a blaze of glory.

    Just taking the Shabbat in the light of your book and this study including Ps119 causes me not only to understand but experience even deeper the beauty of how he cares for us as we activate his name, his ways. Amazing, awesome revelation comes far beyond the mind of man.

    Thank you and may Yehovah extend his abundance as needed to meet your every need as he confirms his out of the box strategies to reach a world without Father’s love.

  4. Hey don’t be such a snob with language, if you can add, then add, but you don’t have to chastise English. “Charge” The solider was charged to guard the fort.

  5. One definition of the verb “charge” is to impose a duty or responsibility upon. To give an injunction. Hence, “charge” is an appropriate translation of “tzav.”

  6. Nehemia and Keith, if we go by the Creator’s Calender, and if there is an Adar Bet, we could conceivably have 13/14/15 (6015).

    • If you follow the so called Hebrew/Jewish calendar regularly for a number of years, likely did, or will notice it that “nature” seems to follow that time table. Or if you ever wondered when a season, like coming kind of late, or early, just look at the Hebrew calendar.
      But the “natural cycle” is really the SZYZGY. That is when the planets Sun, Earth and Moon are aligned at the very same angle and in line. That is precisely 19 Solar, and 19 Lunar years. So, the modern Roman calendar is just a mathematical division of time in between. The Lunar,or Jehovah’s calendar times are by nature, or creation,that are the actual “appointed times”.
      Ha alu Shalom

  7. The story is like a detective story and I am no Sherlock Holmes.
    For what I can gather…

    Abner killed Joab’s brother–Joab perceived Abner as a spy. David believed Abner to be genuinely seeking him to be king.
    The story continued that Joab received David’s contempt — Joab reacted in turn by encouragingly promoting against Solomon…

    Hence ,
    David understood, it was up to Solomon to deal with Joab.

    Without Nehemiah asking the question, I would never have thought of seeking an answer. Thank you Nehemiah.

    1Kgs 2:22

  8. Interesting observations on the admonitions of David and the Philistine general to “be a man”. I see congruence in the prerequisite, namely being strong, and the need to “be a man”. Only in the application of the manhood is there divergence, the Philistines warring, while David advocates torah keeping.

    A really interesting observation coincidentally is found in the KJV bible text 1Sam4:9, “quit yourself like men”. While not a very literal translation, it does give us insight into the 17th century English thoughts on manhood. It appears that self denial is a major component, perhaps well paraphrased as “What I want, or what my companion wants, even to knowledge, safety, and even life itself, is trivial. All that matters is what Yah wants.”

  9. Fathers and sons; We need to rmember King David (not father David) Solomon yes from his loins; more so Soloman is a subject of the King; He commands, that’s a King’s directive; he’s speaking in legal terms not, (father/son talk) Solomon asked for wisdom, what kind did he ask for? and what kind did he get? wisdom and understanding can only be gained through the Covenant of MOses. If we read the laws of Kings; did Solomon observed the Commands of YeHovah? and how did that affect all Israel; broke in pieces.

    Joseph, thought as dead, is realeased from Covenant of Yehova, why? to be free to be adopted as legal heir to Pharoah; why did Jacob bless Ephraim and Menashe? when Joepsh dies; Pharoh has no claim on Ephraim and Mesasse; are free to be adopted/engrafted back into the Covenant of Yeahova and be heirs; Joseph dies, is free from Pharoah; can be reclaimed by Jacob; oathed to bring back his bones to promised land and be buried there and not embalmed. Same for Jacob.Sons are not always of one loins; they can be adopted or engrafted into the Covenant.

    • Dear Janice,I really enjoy your reasoning. BUT,(and it’s a big but), is not the Creator’s /JeHoVaH’s initial or moral covenant ,that is by Creation ,does not stand with all His creation (meaning humans only), regardless of any written rules, provided by any means , any time afterwords ?
      As we say ; animals “do not sin” ( be that the Mosaic or Noahdic laws), that is no carnovour kills unless hungry. Only wehumans, do exploit, abuse and destroy everything, even our own fellow human beings.
      The saddest part is that we humans do it for pleasure and profit. Animals only for survival.

      Do not, we humans,or at least most, without any knowledge and religious instruction sense, or even know, or subcunsciously realize without admitting that our wrong doing has consequances? Is that not what moved any and all religious believes to the so called ; forgivness,redemptions, remission, Olam Haba, Messiah, atonement, going to heaven, etc,etc.but , regardless of religion?Is it not likely in our human DNA? .

  10. The Biblical account of David putting out a (throat clearing) Contract: Joab basically committed insubordination and treason against David as God’s anointed authority. David was King not Joab. Joab acted for his own self wants and wishes against the pledge David had made related to the house of Benjamin/ Abner was a prince. 2 Sam 3:38 Joab also premeditated murder against Abner after David sent Abner away in peace. Insubordination and treason. Abner was in retreat and had given Joab’s brother at least two warnings to not pursue him. But,Joab’s brother took the risk and refused to listen. Whereas, Joab premeditated murder against Abner. Joab could have ignited an internal war. Just as Israel and Judah were uniting under David with Abner’s help. David’s concern of Joab. 2 Sam 39.And I am this day weak, though anointed king; and these men sons of Zeruiah too hard for me:

  11. I enjoy your pearls so much — but sometimes the banter interferes. This one also brought tears to my eyes during the final prayer for Messiah’s kingdom. My prayers for you both continue.

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