Prophet Pearls #19 – Terumah (1 Kings 5:12[26]-6:13)

Prophet Pearls Terumah, 1 Kings, temple, d’veer, haftarah, hewn stones, Keith Johnson, month of ziv, mythical shamir worm, nehemia gordon, parashah, Parsha, parshas, parshat, prophets, shamir, shamir worm, solomon’s temple, terumah, terumah haftarah, terumah prophets, YehovahIn this episode of Prophet Pearls, Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson discuss the Prophets portion for Terumah covering 1 Kings 5:12[26]-6:13. Gordon and Johnson provide volumes of contextual insight into this seemingly straight-forward “How to Build a Temple” portion. We learn the importance of the “480 years” date given in this passage, that the forced labor used to build Solomon’s Temple compares favorably to modern practices, and how the coloring of the “hewn stones” beautified the Temple.

Gordon offers a political reason the Canaanite word “Ziv” may have been used here. We learn the word of the week—“d’veer” (dalet-bet-yod-reish)—and its connection to the insect world. While the word, “quarry’ doesn’t appear in the Hebrew text, Gordon tells us what the text does say and gives a fascinating history of the legends Rabbis have spun about a shamir—a mythical worm that makes a quarry unnecessary. We learn how the legends associated with this worm led the Pharisees to suppose that Yeshua had tapped into the power of demons. In closing, Gordon prayed that listeners find all knowledge in God’s word and come before him in truth.

"And the house which king Solomon built for Yehovah..." (1 Kings 6:2)

I look forward to reading your comments!

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20 thoughts on “Prophet Pearls #19 – Terumah (1 Kings 5:12[26]-6:13)

  1. very interesting.
    I thought there were to be no steps to the altars… or covenants with the people of the Land ..can anyone tell me when that changed? in scripture, there SO much to learn..thank You !

  2. I’ve always been a lover of biblical history. I been finding I am using this site more and more for the meat I crave in my search for Yehovah way of life… Keep up the wonderful teachings. Thanks so much for all you do for all us out in the wilderness. Yehovah bless and keep you you all

  3. So what does the Hebrew Bible actually say about the construction process? Were the stones of the building cut or rough? If they were cut then where and how? Much love!

  4. very interesting about the shamir & hoopoe. looked it up & a lot of masonic imagery comes up & king solomon was supposedly a mason (as was nimrod) & we know from the torah/bible that solomon did go astray a bit to pagan gods. BUT he came back to jehovah. nimrod never did.

    my first thought was maybe some sort of termite by the way….

  5. Maybe it wasn’t a magic worm. Maybe it was acid in a lead container. Maybe they soaked ropes in it to cut the limestone?.

  6. What a blessing to sharing in the readings with you two, today.
    I believe that so many people must feel the same spirit of unity and . encouragement by just being allowed listen in.
    I too love my Jewish brothers and sisters so much and I pray for the time that our Father will bring our family together forever.
    Thank you for being obedient to our Fathers desires. Bless you.

  7. >>>

    There is an error with the 480 years, as this is the time that David became King at.age 30… This king year was the 63rd Jubilee year = 834 BC… Saul was aged 50, as was the prophet Samuel…

    480 years prior to David being King is the exodus in the 7 x 7th Sabbath year and the following Jubilee year is the setting up of the Tabernacle on the 1st day of the 1st month of that 53rd Jubilee year = 1335 – 1334 – 1333 BC in the Aviv months… 1000 years prior from the Exodus is the Flood beginning in the 7 x 7th Sabbath Year and concluding 12 months & 10 days later in the 33rd Jubilee year…

    From Solomon’s 4th year of reign and counting back 480 years brings you to the 105th Birthday of Joshua…?

    Something is amiss…?

  8. My good friend Christian Steep presented the timeline as it is written in the Hebrew text, not the Septuagint on 1 Kings 6:1 conflict.

    Septuagint 0
    Hebrew 1.

    “so there is 430 years from jacob going to Egypt – Joseph is 40
    this is the Sabbath = 7 x 7th Sabbath exodus year 40 years later is 480
    exodus was in 53rd Jube period”

  9. This reminds me of my Sephardic Jewish work colleague who insists the Midianites took all their knowledge from the Jews. We have here the Talmud agreeing with the Qur’an on some of the history of Solomon. We also have two different Nehemias. One who asks intelligent questions like why don’t they read their own scriptures and understand the bigger picture? The other suggests that a different god is their focus, despite the Qur’an explicitly stating it is the same Supreme Adonay, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Nehemia has done a great job of putting this all together, don’t get me wrong. You guys just haven’t seen what other people, even in this age, have witnessed.

  10. Wow I am so thankful for this Portion My wife and I have been so blessed by this wandering Jew. So very thankful for Tanach and help in understanding history and context and even explanations of false teachings brought to us by men, still happening today. History really does repeat itself, Nicolaitan types polluting the the pure word. ThankYou Nehemia. It makes me sad to think of all the humans who believe lies and myths. I am reminded of the antisemitism that I was exposed to as a child ( even though mild) but to hear antisemitism and wonder why what sources inspired people to these thoughts and to remember thinking as a little boy wasn’t Jesus Jewish?why dislike theese people? I am so saddened to realize that one of main motivators of this antisemitism from 85 years ago in my Dad ( of Blessed memories) youth is still currently today motivating the same hate around the world this is the book titled THE INTERNATIONAL JEW THE WORLDS FOREMOST PROBLEM. Published by a still today highly esteemed American icon and Americans don’t even know it, don’t even know this book is still generating hate how sad. Why don’t Americans know this history that help cement antisemitism into so many peoples minds. I have been so very very blessed by Nehemia and other Jewish people my love for the Jewish people just keeps growing. We love you dear friend and ask you to keep up the good work And really like your singing introductions to Torah Pearls. And thanks Dev for all you do to keep things working. Shalom

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