Prophet Pearls #47 – Re’eh Bonus (Isaiah 66:1-24)

Isaiah 66:14 etched into the Western Wall. Photo by Nehemia GordonThis bonus episode of Prophet Pearls looks at Isaiah 66:1-24, which is read in synagogues around the world whenever the weekly Sabbath coincides with Rosh Chodesh (New Moon Day). Join Nehemia Gordon and Yoel Halevi of Hebrew in Israel, for a riveting discussion about what Isaiah has to say concerning Resurrection of the Dead, God's role as our Heavenly Mother, and eternal Hell-fire.

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29 thoughts on “Prophet Pearls #47 – Re’eh Bonus (Isaiah 66:1-24)

  1. Not knowing any better, I always thought that the concept of the “hell-fire” doctrine was created by so called Christian preachers of the 1800’s in an effort to get people to come to their churches, do their bidding, i.e., get more money in the offering plate. There are a few basic ways to control people. One, love. Two, guilt, Three FEAR. Four, offer them some supposed fantastic great reward, like either heaven or eternal life on a Paradise earth as Jehovah’s Witnesses do. Hell-fire bred/fed obedience to the preachers doctrines through FEAR. I’m fairly well convinced that none of the 4 Hebrew and Greek words translated into “hell” by KJ Translators (Sheol, Hades, Gehenna, or Tartarus/tartaroo,) were ever translated as “Lake of Fire,” or vice versa, though I would admit that being in said Lake pf Fire would no doubt seem to be “hell.”

    As for the valley, while the NT translated Gehenna as “hell,” (quite possibly in the valley of the Sons of Hinnon,) is it possible that this Lake of Fire will be created in the GREAT NEW VALLEY that is created in Zechariah 14:4, when the Mt. of Olives splits in two, under the Yehovah’s feet? And if that be the location, it would not be difficult for those worshiping before Yehovah (in Jerusalem) to go forth and look upon the burning, wormy bodies of those who transgressed against Yehovah. Is 66:23-24

    Nehemia, I ask, is Azal in Zech 14:5, related to the same root as Azazel or scapegoat in KJ?

  2. Thanks for another amazing teaching. A lot of what you guys pointed out underscores, at least for me, that a lot of stuff in the “New” Testament wasn’t pulled out of a hat. Many concepts labelled “Christian” appear, or were implied in the Tanach and expanded upon in later Jewish tradition. Because these writings were composed by observant Jews there wasn’t a lot of enthusiasm for importing pagan ideas. Constantine and the R.C Church get waaaay too much credit for stuff. I can’t wait till you find more Hebrew MSS of the Gospels! 🙂

  3. that female cantilation is the most beautiful thing I think, I’ve ever heard.

    I’m 57, this isn’t written as hyperbole.

    Reut, singing this is still saying Adonai when the text say YHVH

  4. Just wanted to say that Nehemia, you were pretty convinced that Isaiah 66:14 is speaking of resurrection of the dead. You mentioned but seemed to pass over the explanation that it is the rebirth of the nation of Israel despite a few verses prior describing what is likely the rebirth of Israel the nation? I just wanted to suggest that this more likely IS a repetitive prophesy that adds emphasis for the previous prophesy of the rebirth of Israel. and the bones are figurative for the state of Israel before 1948. It is the simpler reading of the two passages in close proximity, IMHO. Further, THIS is the answer to those scoffers who say “show me the glory of YHVH”. Thanks for this segment!

  5. Kinda ironic I have to comment again on this wonderful post ,but as you Nehemia said the offerings don’t matter so to speak or such is vanity it made me instantly think of these verses that Solomon wrote in ECC 8:10

    And so I saw the wicked buried, who had come and gone from the place of the holy, and they were forgotten in the city where they had so done: this is also vanity.

  6. Great team! Beautiful to hear the Yemenite cantillation, and all the singing of the Scriptures, especially the lady… Thanks for such a blessing on this Shabbat.
    Love you guys! Miri~

  7. Fantastic! I really got into the synergy between you and Yoel what a treat. Yes, please do more together pretty please. The female cantelation superb as well as Yoel’s final, hurrah. So, he who trembles at My word, could that mean those who cantelate My word?

  8. Thank you, Nehemiah and Yoel, for an informative bonus pearls from the writings of the prophets. This may not be important, but crowning in childbirth refers to when the crown of the head of the child first becomes visible during childbirth.
    I learned a lot from this episode, such as the interpretation of verse 24 from a Hebrew perspective. Thank you. Yah bless you.

  9. Well I finally had a second chance to listen to this in its entirety.
    So here is a little story Tomorrow at 10:16 AM my 3rd Grandchild Jaxon Lee will be 1 month old, but on the day of his birth about 20 minutes give or take my Daughter Flesh of my Flesh had a grand maul seizure prior to him being birthed , as I heard her ask the nurse why is my arm shaking then bam ..

    My son in law panicked what’s wrong with her “is she going to be all right?” My wife panicked and came across the curtain partition and grabbed my arm, many other nurses and the Doctor came hurriedly into the room, they loaded her up with meds.

    My Grandson , his head was very wedged and the Doctor had to use tools , twisting and turning to assist ,Talk about birth pains my child who thought she could do it without a spinal block …had caved into that medical procedure early.

    With my wife attached to my arm and let me say this was a VERY emotional experience to say the least I looked out the large windows of the birthing room I looked upon the creation , it’s the EVIDENCE that I could see and in it I could confidentiality TRUST UPON that when I prayed the simplest prayer YHVH we need you NOW more than EVER…I turned my thoughts back to the fact I knew everything would be alright!

    He was 6 #,7 oz & 19″ long and precious!

  10. Thank you Nehemia and Yoel. I appreciate and benefit from your interpretation of this passage. I love the passion that comes through the recording. Bless YHVH for His Word that never fails and endures forever.

  11. Am I missing something in the way Jews read scripture. To me this seems to talking about the establishment of Israel specifically. So would not all flesh mean all flesh in Israel. Would this Judgement not be of the flesh in Israel and the armies and kings attacking Israel. That is how I would see this. Many scriptures talk of the time after this. Yahovah not sending rain if you do not hold the feast and send to Jerusalem representatives to honor it there. Ten men from all the Nations will go to a Jew. On and on. All will say come let us go to the Lord’s House. Even here after this judgement . How could verse 19 even occur if the Nations outside Jerusalem were judged. Most eat pig. They would be destroyed were it a worldwide judgement.

    I agree if you are a sinner Israel is not a good place to be when this occurs. It will be cleansed and other prophecy speaks of this. But seems to me only Israel is judged. Yahovah lays claim to that land and will make it his. Those with hearts of stone will not abide there. Only those with heart of flesh. These verses seem to say if wicked you had better leave.

    Seems to me verse 24 is speaking of those killed who came against Israel. The kings and such. Thrown there as a sign to the Nations. Messiah is to rule forever. Forever is a very long time. From what I understand longer than we can really imagine not forever as in English.

    Maybe though I just do not get the Jewish perspective. I am trying. It is like the English Jews speak is not the English I speak. It is all based on concepts I alien to me. I am learning but it really is a much different perspective. Nothing seems to be looked at the same. Do not get me wrong. I am now a Jew and I will die a Jew. No going back. I have not a single doubt only the Old Testament is of God. I will learn the Jewish perspective.

    I just really do not know why you would think of Final Judgement. Perhaps because to a Jew Israel is all the world. Do not know. I mean seems to me Yahovah is doing this to Establish Israel and make Mt Zion His forever. Thus seems to me Israel is where this all is. Israel will be judged or those in it and those against it.

    I mean to Christians they say this is final Judgement.

    Perhaps because you believe Daniel 11-12. Sorry I do not buy Daniel 10. I do not mean I think it bogus. I just read it as stated. An angel comes to Daniel and claims this prince of persia delayed him. But honest he came as soon as Daniel prayed. But Daniel was praying against the prophecy of Jeremiah in chapter 9:16 I find this prayer most unrighteous. Jeremiah said they would be in bondage a real Prophet of God. A major Prophet. Here is Daniel praying in opposition to Jeremiah. How do I get that wrong?

    Gabriel and Michael were Satans. Adversaries. The Hebrew not the Greek Satan. Yet Daniel accepted them as true angels of God. Do you not believe in fallen angels? Do you not believe Yahovah hardened Pharaoh’s heart? Do you not believe God tested Abraham? Do you believe the Book of Enoch from God and the watchers angels who are not adversaries? Do you not believe God chooses the kings of the earth. The princes but that these men do evil not good. Do you not believe God controls evil? All of this I read of in the Old Testament.

    The most difficult thing for me becoming a Jew was understanding how could Jews consider Satan not evil. I do not mean the word in Hebrew. I mean the word in Greek and the meaning of it in Greek. The Devil. Jews believe God controls all evil and all good. You had better that is a quote from the Old Testament. If he controls it how does that work? Through Thrones, Principalities, Dominions and powers. Thus this Prince of Persia. Part of the system Yahovah uses to control evi.

    Or maybe I just get this all wrong. Do not really know. That is what I see in the Old Testament.

    Do you believe Abram should have said to Yahovah. Nay Yahovah. I know you would never have me sacrifice as do the pagans. I know murder is wrong. Please explain this to me Yahovah. When my wife almost stroked out. I went to Yahovah. I said Yahovah if this is you will, it is you will, I need to know why. What more could she have done. We do all we can to know how to live your law. She came right back to life from almost gone.

    Maybe you should read the Book of Revelations. You know that is false. But is it all truly 100% false. Or is is Yahovah working. Yahovah working to control evil Who is ultimately telling those angels of the churches what to do?

    I know this is from Tammuz. I understand that but what if it is not all false:
    Luk_1:19  And the angel answering said unto him, I am Gabriel, that stand in the presence of God; and am sent to speak unto thee, and to shew thee these glad tidings.
    Luk_1:26  And in the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God unto a city of Galilee, named Nazareth,

    What if Gabriel did appear to Semiramis.

    Is this the same Gabriel?

    Enoch 10:9. And to Gabriel said the Lord: ‘Proceed against the bastards and the reprobates, and against the children of fornication: and destroy [the children of fornication and] the children of the Watchers from amongst men [and cause them to go forth]: send them one against the other that they may destroy each other in battle: for length of days shall they not have. 10. And no request that they (i.e. their fathers) make of thee shall be granted unto their fathers on their behalf; for they hope to live an eternal life, and that each one of them will live five hundred years.’ 11. And the Lord said unto Michael: ‘Go, bind Semjâzâ and

    Is this an adversary? That is the way I see it. Am I wrong? Is Daniel 9:20 being visited by an adversary because he prayed against the Prophecy of jeremiah?

    Was Dan 8:27 the end of Daniel being a real Prophet. Did he lose that then?

    Was Dan 9:2 just too much for Daniel to accept? Bondage for 70 years.

    Did Daniel accept an adversary as an angel of God. Was Gabriel and Michael qadosh? This is so different than the qadosh ones he before received from.

    Is there some truth in these:
    Jud_1:9  Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee.
    Rev_12:7  And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,

    Notice Jude calls Michael an archangel. I agree this is a false book but it does teach their pagan theology to a degree. Mostly they hide it of course.

    I see the plan of evil in the Book of Revelations. I will tell you in my search for truth i explored many different things. In one case I came across a group who were actively working the witchcraft to bring to pass the Book of Revelations. They considered it their guidebook. I see no reason to expose them. It would do no good and I have no desire to send any to help them.

    Maybe I am totally off base. I do not know. Much of this is theory based on scripture and how I see it. Our experiences are vastly different. I was a pagan worshiper for 60 years. I now see it for what it was. You too were a pagan worshiper. Sorry but I agree with your decision to be a non observant Jew. To not affiliate. In no way do I know how you felt. Not saying that. Just my perspective.

    Maybe I am totally off base. I have been a Jew but a year. I have spent most of my time studying the Bible for the last three years. I have much to learn. I have barely begun to know Hebrew. I did not do well in High School on foreign language not even English. Math I did well on. Physics OK.

    In no way do I wish to offend. I have autism. Hopefully you understand. I love you site and await each lesson. I have the greatest of respect for you. We met once. You meet many of course. We wish you only the best.

    I must say. When my wife died I had a vision of seeing the Messiah in the Temple in Jerusalem in not more than forty years. Take of that what you will. I take not much in it. If it happens it happens. I would be about 100 if I live to see it. Hopefully I will not die in my sins. I sure try to avoid that. As I explain here. I would be the last to say that vision could not have come from an angel like Michael or Gabriel. Adversaries. I most definitely did not want her to die. Did my emotions make me a sinner then? Did I fail. I would be the last to say I know I did not. The Prophets did say people would have visions in the Last Days. So if we are there. Well it is possible at least that vision was real. How would I know a qadosh one. It sure felt qadosh to me. But it must have to Daniel too.

  12. Dear Nehemia and Kieth,

    I want to thank you so much for all the work you two have done to bring the word of God more clearly to the world. It has had a profound effect on my life!

  13. Appreciate all the efforts and explaining and emphasizing things that are understood from the many sources. The prophecies of Isaiah in this section has been taken by people to be either a personal event and or to a much larger ingathering of Israel, personally to me the prophecies is an event specific of a near future date and time. The prominant word for me is the singular word “goy” surely you call a nation you do not know. The singular then again “goy” translated plural as “nations who do not know you shall run to you” The singularity of the word to me implies a gathering of those of a singular mind set under the Messiah being a special event. Many other prophecies say nations but as I understand are a seperate event in time concerning the nations joining.

    Special thanks for Nehemiah sharing the allorgary of Israel also being a servant to the mistress…people who believe in Y’shua should of immediately thought of the parable of the 10 virgins…just my opinion of course. Those that believe in Messiah join the commonwealth “kingdom” of Israel with Judah with the Torah the root… Not the takanot.

  14. Nehemia Gordon and Kieth guys are extraordinary individuals and I cannot begin to express how much I appreciate your teachings very much and I have one simple request that you give a shout out for my boy Aidan and Chris from FL.. thank you kindly. Shalom my friends.

  15. A friend has challenged me to defend my Karaite beliefs vs. the Christianity I abandoned some years ago, by sending me a video featuring Isaiah 53 with arguments that Jesus is being described and therefore is the messiah. I have accepted that Judah/Israel is the servant, not any man, and Judah has suffered while YHVH turned His back for a while. Can you give me the scriptural arguments for that belief? And explain why Isaiah 53 is omitted from the readings? This should be explained to Christians!

    • The readings do not cover the entire Old Testament. Isaiah is not omitted on purpose. No reason to omit it Read verse 2 was Jesus comely. No way. Read verse 10 did Jesus have seed. No. Did Jesus live an extra long life. No. They do this with all of the prophecies basically. They only take what they like and imagine the rest is not there.

      3 Jesus knew no sickness. Healing the sick is really the opposite of knowing it.

      4 He was not born of sickness. His mother was healthy.

      5 in Hebrew crushed means bones broken and pierced means torn apart like a lion would. Not what happened to Jesus.

      8 He was never in prison. Just detained.

      9 the opposite happened. He died with the wicked and was buried with the rich. Notice it says with the rich at death No those were wicked men. grave with the wrong no grave of a rich man.

      Few of these verses fully fit. Isaiah is much about the servant which is Israel as a whole.

      Remember it is not about what fits. In Prophecy it either all happens or it is not a prophecy of that event. It is not hit and miss. That is fortune telling witchcraft nonsense. Though that is what Christianity really is.

      By the way I was a Christian just a year ago and am now Karaite or rather Old Testament Only.

      Feel free to ask about most anything. I understand where you come from. Next year in Jerusalem.

    • Read the whole chapter; in fact read Isaiah 52, then 53. The suffering servant is allegorical for Zion, for Israel. Keep on reading, Is. 54:1 – 3 refers to the lost ten tribes (House of Israel, Northern Kingdom) to be rejoined to Judah (Southern Kingdom).

  16. Just on a small note, the time as you specified as infant time can be explained mathematically. It is time elapsed in relation to life time. That means one year for a five year old is a fifth of his life time and that is very long indead. However, one year for a hundred year old seems to fly by in a flash since it is just one hundredth of his life time.
    As usual, enjoyed the prophet pearls very much.
    Shalom rav

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