Prophet Pearls #46 – Eikev (Isaiah 49:14-51:3)

Prophet Pearls, comfort zion, eikev, eikev haftarah, eikev prophets portion, ekev, ekev haftarah, gather kibbutz, god as mother, haftarah, hebrew gender rules, hebrew grammar, Ingathering, isaiah, Isaiah 49:14-51:3, jeremiah, Keith Johnson, nehemia gordon, Parsha, parshas, parshat, Prophet Pearls, prophets, Torah PortionIn this episode of Prophet Pearls, Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson discuss the Prophets portion for Eikev covering Isaiah 49:14-51:3. The gender rules of Hebrew grammar are explored in this portion as well as Isaiah’s (and Moses’) metaphorical references to God as a mother. We learn that the suffering servant’s message is one of great hope—that we can fully trust and lean on God. In addition to grammar goodies, word studies include “gather/kibbutz”—as we see nations gathering in the Land—fulfilling God’s word to Isaiah.

Gordon and Johnson rejoice with the suffering servant’s message that one day all flesh—perhaps all living creatures—will know the Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob. Gordon reveals the verse he would thump if he were a Christian missionary and closes in a prayer of thankfulness to the Comforter of Zion for joy and gladness in the streets of Jerusalem.

"See, I have engraved you On the palms of My hands, Your walls are ever before Me." Isaiah 49:16

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Artwork for this week's episode is a painting by Mara Hofmann, artist.

25 thoughts on “Prophet Pearls #46 – Eikev (Isaiah 49:14-51:3)

  1. What a timely messag for me at this time in my life. Thank u and Kieth for what u have done with the pearls. I have gained alot of knowledge from u both and has strengthen my faith profoundly.
    But my heart is heavy. Having this knowledge and I can’t share most of it with Christians because they are closed minded. And it’s getting worse it seems. I called myself a Christian all my life. But not anymore. Because of what I have learned in search of the truth, I have found that there are alot of doctrinal flaws in alot of what trey beleave. I guess now I’m just a beleaver. Who feels alone. Alone with my beliefs, alone with my knowledge.i thank Yehovah for the chance to learn and the opportunity to hear great me of learning such has urself and ur guest. I’m sorry that the Christians have said those things.

  2. Nehemiah, sir, you have taught us His Name, that it is Yehovah. His Name is not God, nor is it The Lord. Yehovah’s 3rd commandment is “You shall not make my Name of no effect.” To not use His Name when it is appropriate and required, is to make His Name of no effect. Yes, He is God/Elohim/Mighty One. It is correct to say “Yehoveh is Mighty One. It is to trasgress His 3rd commandment to omit using His Name in place of His titles. He should be referred to as Yehovah, not as God. Yehovah bless us all to see.

  3. Nehemia, the part in this Podcast where you clarify what your mission and purpose is was very strong, and also intimate I thought. I can totally feel you and see how disturbing it must be to have these “why don´t you believe in Jeshua” situations. There is such a huge Dogma around this whole Jesus topic, so that people should be very cautious not to serve the wrong “Lord”. Especially because there is barely any evidence left regarding this Jesus Character (I always wonder why Philio of Alexandria never wrote about Jeshua, or maybe these writings “disappeared”). Even more so, the evidence we have nowadays puts many “truths” rather into question. And considered objectively, the internal evidence in scripture is even contrary to this Son of God Jesus figure. I can easily debunk any “Jesus verse” in the Tanakh. So I guess you and me, and any other person that does not give grace to Jesus/ Jeshua in any form, are on the right track – based on the evidence and facts we have. There might be an historical or even spiritual Jeshua character, but he did yet not reveal HIMSELF.

    So don´t be discouraged in any way! What you do, your ministry, is the only right thing to do. JHVH did not give you this “research talent” for no reason and you shall always be blessed in The Name for your great efforts – serving the knowledge seekers. You are a true role model, a true teacher!

    All these “preachers” (as well as their followers) out there will have to justify their ignorance at a certain point in time, because they did not search in the word of JHVH (as we are told to) but rather let their hearts be lead astray.

    PS: Keith, you are awesome as well, I think you are a very genuine person. And in the end, that´s all that matters: being a good person, with righteous deeds and all-encompassing, unconditional LOVE to all of creation. Because in the end, we all will be measured by our deeds – nothing more, nothing less and regardless of what you believed in.

    We all need to drop our Egos and realize that we are all one, our souls being united in JHVH : All is one, and One is all. All grace goes to the Creator of this beautiful universe.

  4. I think it is crucial for all of us to understand, that there is “masculine” and “feminine” energy. Importantly, this does not refer to gender, but the fundamental bipolarity in everything within the physical universe and beyond. The kabbalistic Tree of Life depicts this concept very well, it should not be disregarded as occult or something. JHVH is referred to as Ain Soph or Keter, from which the male and female energy emanates from, but who himself is in perfect balance (Deut.6:4 “JHVH your God is a unified, eternal being”; this also perfectly represents the meaning of the Name JHVH).

    We should also be aware of the fact that JHVH is darkness and light, peace and calamity (Jesaja 45: 6-7), and since we are in the image of JHVH, we as mankind display all these traits. The “Star of David” represents the same form of alignment, where the upward triangle (masculine) and downward triangle (feminine) are perfectly balanced. There are always two extremes, and the key is to find the balance. That´s also the main aspect of the teachings of Salomo (compare the Salomonic Axiom).

    Shabbat Shalom! The teachings of the Torah are key to a righteous life!

  5. I just love Torah and Prophet Pearls and how humble you guys are as you share these with us. It has opened my eyes to so many things. Nehemia, I sit in tears when I listen to you read the Scripture in Hebrew. The language is so beautiful and it affects me every time I hear it. You guys are wonderful, thank you for taking the time to do these recordings.

  6. Call me crazy, but I believe Nehemia already believes and is saved, because he follows in Yahushua’s footsteps, the Torah, more than most Christian’s I know who say they believe, but do not do. I’ve never heard Nehemia say negative things about the way Yahushua lived. Some Christian’s say he did away with Torah, which is truly blasphemy against YHWH, and Yahushua, and all Israelite believers who walk in Torah because of belief, and love for YHWH and His set-apart -people, and even those strangers who persecute them.

  7. Thanks Nehemia and Keith for your insights into this amazing portion of Scripture.

    I had to smile when Keith mentioned the lady who asked how come you (Nehemia) are not a believer in Yeshua …. I say the same thing just about every time I listen to you. Just try to imagine, Nehemia, if you knew someone who was intensely studying the Tanak but told you that he didn’t believe in God. You would probably wonder how that could be possible. How could someone with such knowledge and understanding not believe. And so it is for us when you share your knowledge and understanding of the Jewish Yeshua. It is just a little puzzling to us that you do not believe that He is the Messiah. So I hope this explains the “annoying” behavior of us Christians/Messianics.

    Your love of the Scriptures is inspiring!


    • Amanda.

      You answered your own question when you said “How could someone with such knowledge and understanding not believe.” the problem would be if someone blindly accepted what they were told to believe based on emotion, guilt or fear.

      Thread lightly with your seed of announce because history has proven that the fruit of that seed springs forth a heavy burden on the children of Israel. Martin Luther began to have a love for the Jew and all things Hebrew but later became “annoyed” when the Jews of his day would not believe in his Jesus and he become a vehement anti-Semite which in turn became fodder for Hitler’s movement against Yehovah’s first born son and suffering servant – Israel.

  8. I wonder why “la-oth” can’t mean “to establish”, making a longer sentence with more prepositional phrases for the giving of the language of learning?

  9. Hi Nehemia/Keith,

    Jermiah 3:8 speaks of Abba giving a certiicate of divorccce to Israel. One of my favorite is Ezekiel 16:7-8 specially when Yahovah covered Israel and claimed her as mine. So manly, lol. sorry but it made me feel as if as a man showing his love for a woman.

  10. Regarding the masculine and feminine distinctions for GOD it makes sense to think of if like this:

    Masculine traits are strength, protector, provider and leader, etc.
    Feminine traits are nurshering, teacher, healer, etc.
    GOD posesses all of these as a whole.

    At creation he distributed these traits accordingly between man and woman.
    These traits are then reunited at marriage when the man is joined to the woman
    in the presence of GOD.

  11. Thank you for this – Question – Is it a ‘divorce’ God has enacted or just a ‘putting away’ that has been done? If Israel played the harlot but never remarried, she is free to return to her husband, correct? If she has remarried she cannot return to her first husband according to the Law, correct? It is surprising that Christians do not cite Isaiah 50:4-6 – (Jesus) – slapped in the face-scourged at Pilate’s direction and spit on as a support of Orthodox belief – Matt. 27:26-31.

  12. Concerning the use of neged as negative (there’s a cognate for you!), it leaves one with a conflict of interest in the phrase ‘ezer k’negdo’, if the wife is always negative with her husband….what do you think?

  13. I always come back from doubts to belief that every word is inspired and sanctioned by Yehovah. The use of the feminine and the masculine to refer to our Creator must have been placed in the text for a purpose or purposes. Yehovah’s word does not return empty so I wonder? What do all y’all think are his purposes? Is there a complimentary verse in the feminine to “Am I a man that I should…?”

  14. Nehemia, I’m not looking or waiting for you to convert to anything. I look forward to all of us being “converted” to the truth of Yahovah. I’m so thankful that He has called two of His children to expose and reenforce what Yahovah meant and expects of us. We don’t deserve this opportunity, its His loving kindness and grace that has given us opportunity to come out of ignorance. Our hearts and minds are being challenged and He is giving us a clear choice. Praise Yahovak!

  15. Thank you, Nehemia, for continuing to obey your calling. I always pray that the erudite teachings you bring will be fired by your love and devotion to YHVH.

      • You said it, and it is so, Eileen! Y’all listen up out there – Eileen knows her Southern!

        In my personal opinion, “all y’all” is simply an emphatic version of “y’all” (that uses repetition as the literary device) – but both are plural and of equal meaning.

        Eileen, I think you and I should write a new version of the Bible wherein we replace “ye” and/or “YOU” with “y’all”! And we’ll replace “Hallelujah!” with “Y’all praise YaH!” We could call it the RNSV – Restored Name Southern Version. 🙂

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