Prophet Pearls #1 – Bereshit (Isaiah 42:5-43:10)

Prophet Pearls Bereshit (Isaiah 42:5-43:10)In this episode of Prophet Pearls, Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson discuss the Prophets portion for Bereshit covering Isaiah 42:5-43:10. After a quick tutorial on the origin of the Haftarah, we learn that the Prophets aren't the golden oldies; their writings are as relevant as ever and more current than our news feeds. Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson explore the original context in which this portion was written, followed by the context in 168 BCE when this passage was first read aloud in the synagogue, and finally the context in September 2014 when Netanyahu spoke the holy words of Isaiah to the United Nations. In addition to parsing key words from the portion, Gordon and Johnson answer the following: What service did the Jews provide to the ancient Roman Empire? And since the Creator refers to himself in so many wonderful ways, would he really name himself, “Lord”? In closing, Gordon and Johnson remind us that while God’s one and only name may have been lost for generations, he did not lose ours—he calls every one of his covenant people by name.

"Thus says the Mighty One Yehovah, who created the heavens and stretched
them out..." (Isaiah 42:5)

I look forward to reading your comments!

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Jehovah's Witnesses website (Feb 11, 2011): "The truth is, nobody knows for sure how the name of God was originally pronounced... Some—though not all—feel that the Israelites before the time of Jesus probably pronounced God's name Yahweh..."

43 thoughts on “Prophet Pearls #1 – Bereshit (Isaiah 42:5-43:10)

    • I’m very thankful for both of your efforts to bring the word of HaShem to many people. It’s refreshing to see and hear Jew and gentile interacting peacefully. Baruch HaShem!!

  1. RE: the Jehovah’s Witness cult. – Early in my spiritual walk (about 1983), I had a very intense and detailed dream that put me in the middle of Psalm 23; without going into pages of detail, it amounted to a “heads up” warning about the JW cult and an expose’ of their deception.

  2. Nehemia I first saw you on Shabbat Night Live, your excitement for Yehovah’s word is inspiring. Shalom

  3. Did y’all skip over 43:10? Am I wrong in understanding that what is said is: that you may understand that I am, I was, I will ever be? Is Yehovah revealing his nature and the meaning of his name? That gets me excited!

    I just finished listening to Torah Pearls over the last few months, and I started listening to Prophet Pearls. I am so grateful for for these podcasts, they have helped my understanding of the Word, and in that have changed my life in a mighty way.

    Blessings to you guys, thanks for what you do for the Kingdom!

    Dallas, TX

  4. Starting a New Year in the Torah and want to spend time in the Prophets this year.I want to thank you both for your love for our gracious Creator. Keith you are a fast talking fell a. My father, Keith Johnson was buried last Shabbat.

  5. Shallom . This programme is Yahovahs gift to people like me , living in India. You both do a wonderful Joy and make us to prostrate before the Living Yehovah .
    In Isaiah 62 : 1 – ‘……., until her righteousness goes forth as brightness , and her deliverance as a lamp that burns .”

    Does not these words go back to Genesis 15 : 17 – 21 : the covenant YAHovah makes with Abraham .

  6. Hello Nehemiah and Keith! Thank you so much for this podcast and all the insight you bring to it. Nehemiah, specifically what version of the Bible were you quoting for chapter 42, verse 6? I looked it up in the online version of the JPS 1917 but it didn’t match. I would love to read what you read. Thank you!!

  7. “As he looked, he saw a well in the field, and behold, three flocks of sheep lying beside it, for out of that well the flocks were watered.” ?

    • I was raised as a “jw”… in my research & unwinding/binding of my mind theologically, I found that they manifested from a Hebrew roots type movement in the late 1800s. I wonder often about the possible significance of this seeming cycle. Esp in relation to other historical events during the earlier time.

  8. Shalom! I have a question, and it’s probably a silly one:
    I don’t consider myself as a evangelical christian anymore, after listening to all of what I heard so far. Here, and on Youtube. So, I love the God of Israël, Yehovah. I worship Him, and want to serve and obey Him. Does that make me Jewish?
    Your people are my people.
    May Yehovah bless you.
    Yvon Van Kreij

    • Seems like it is the embracing of Torah, rather than the desire to worship Yehovah, that is used as a definition more. When you read it, and you constantly run into passages about God’s Salvation, be sure you are reading some English translation.

    • If you are a follower of Yeshua and believe he is the Messiah, you SHOULD love Israel and the whole bible. What you are learning should enrich your faith. Many of us feel like we are children who have found their birth mother but still love our adopted parents. You are twice blessed!

  9. I want you both to know that The Original Torah Pearls and Prophet Pearls are so Awesome, The focus on the Common Ground – Torah – Uniting together – Focusing on Yehovah – when the day comes we quit trying to convert others to our beliefs and realize that above all else – Studying Torah – learning how to live by Yehovah’s Instruction – It gives new meaning to “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free!” The “money ball” is we do it together! Thank you!

  10. Y’Hovah (Yehovah if you pronounce the sheva a bit harder) never once in the Scriptures instructs us not to use His name. We are instructed in the 10 Commandments not to use His name in vain.
    Oh, but the understanding of why some would not want His holy name used is in the meaning behind the letters YOD-HEY-VAV-HEY: HAND-BEHOLD-NAIL-BEHOLD.

  11. Fabulous guys! Thank you. Toda. Keep it going. As a deer pants after the water, so my soul pants after you O Jehovah. I love the insight and commentary that you both bring. Incredible. I can hardly wait for the next one.

  12. I really enjoyed this teaching as much as the others, I found something funny, I was in the Jehovah witness religion for 20 years, my father sadly still in it and what you guys just said is the main argument between us, they claim to be the spiritual Israelites, actually the ONLY true teaching they can give you is that YEHOVAH is GOD and is ONE (not a trinity), of course they teach many false doctrines just like all Christian religions, let me tell you, I have learned more New things with you two in 6 months than what I did with them in 20 years, YEHOVAH bless you both and provide you the ways to get all the truth out there. THANK you so much.

  13. Thank you for this. I think it is so important to teach the Hebrew because the words are so much more in depth and meaningful then in English. I think in the English translation we miss the intimacy of YHWH’s Word a bit. We get the gist of the meaning of the text but not the fullness of it in the English.

  14. If you are going to do the prophets; it may be a good idea to identify from the scripture, Ezekiel, as to what YeHovah, defines as a true prince, priest or prophet. What was their function? I see them being them being YeHovah’s legal attorneys’ for keeping the people within the Covenant Laws as given through Moses. Priest generally represented the people to YeHovah, they were teachers of the Covenant. The so called “praise leaders” today are not what He had in mind in Temple Service; but are more talented celebrity musicans of entertainment. I think they lack of understading Hebraic scritpures in ME cultural context; pays to much attenting to sing and dancing; then in knowing the Covenant Words of HaShem.

  15. There are layers of Servants.The Hebrews They were Blind and Deaf They did not see or hear when the prophets warned them- which got them sent into exile in the first place.
    But, then isn’t Cyrus also a Servant. The Lord even calls him his anointed.He was given a Servant job to do.To start the release process of the exiles.Cyrus is also Blind and Deaf-He was not a follower of the God of Israel.(Though you do not acknowledge me).
    Nebuchadnezzer was also a Servant to take the Hebrews into exile .It isn’t until he undergoes the seven years as a Beast.Then Neb was given a man’s heart when he acknowledged the Lord.

  16. What I see in this person is that the Messiah or Servant will come as sinful man. Jesus did come as the blind and the deaf. He came in the likeness of sinful flesh or the sinfulness of His brethren and became sin in order that we might be made righteous. It is not at all offensive to me to call Jesus as blind. Yet, He clarified that He had also come to grant sight to the blind thus showing us clearly that He was God and man. He is the Lord. He also became sinful man that we might be redeemed. In this Passage He fulfills the position as Lord and sinful man. Only in this way can man be truly redeemed from His sin. As much as Netanyahu (and I love him and his speech) wanted to proclaim that it was Israel that was bringing light, he is mistaken. Jesus is the light of the world. He is the only way to peace. If we lose sight of that our world will once again plunge into darkness. Blessed be our Lord and HIs servant Israel that has given us this Holy Scripture. I thoroughly enjoyed this discussion.

  17. You guys did not discuss
    IS 42:1 My servant – Him, He
    42:2 He , His
    42:3 He
    42:4 He , His
    42:7 Yeshua quoted this – “you are the light of the world”

      • Ok so not discussing any scripture that is not “traditionally read” I see. Would like to hear a complete reading of Isaiah and midrash someday. Ok your a Kairite – you know about “traditions” – lets hear the whole book! :>)

    • Isaiah 41:8 might help you with this question Mike. And just a reminder that the original writings did not use capitalised letters, meaning the deified appearance in english might not be accurate. 😉
      But i think those verses actually discard the possibility of Yeshua/Jesus being the subject anyway.

      Thanks Keith and Nehemia for starting this awesome project. Looking forward to more hidden treasures that come from your appreciated effort and time.

  18. Thank you, I’ve been praying for this!
    I missed seeing you in Canyon City… my husband is on the mend from spinal surgery and I was afraid to travel that far away from him. I pray that you both continue to “cast these pearls” toward those of us who need the loving reassurance of our Father’s “Plan” for our lives.
    Jackie in Colorado

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