Prophet Pearls #29 – Acharei Mot (Ezekiel 22:1-19)

Prophet Pearls Acharei Mot, Ezekiel 22:1-19, Acharei Mot, Ezekiel, Yehovah, Nehemia Gordon, Keith Johnson, Prophet, Tetragrammaton, yhvh, kalas, prophecy, Tanakh, Nachal, exile, prayer, God, torahThis episode of Prophet Pearls, is on the Prophets portion of Acharei-Mot covering Ezekiel 22:1-19. Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson discuss the root of the God's Holy Name, and how the Hebrew word for inheritance provides the finale to the crucible theme of exile, redemption and resettlement.This relatively short portion yields many pearls and not one, but three, words-of-the-week. The first appears in the very first verse as three letters forming the root of the Tetragrammaton (hei-yud-hei) reveal how the Word of Yehovah came to Ezekiel—“and it was.”

For the second word of the week (kalas / kuf-lamed-samach), Gordon provides examples where the woeful prophecy of a defiled name has been fulfilled across continents and centuries. A list of the abominations noted in this portion is provided along with references for comparative lists in the Tanakh.

The game-changing pearl and third word-of-the-week appears in verse 16. Nachal (nun-chet-lamed), “take thine inheritance” provides the finale to the crucible theme of exile, redemption and resettlement. Johnson closes with a prayer of thankfulness to God for choosing the perfect language to reveal his will, for access to tools for understanding, and for giving the desire and focus to interact with the holy tongue.

"You shall take your inherited portion of land in the sight of the nations and you will know that I am Yehovah." Ezekiel 22:16

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6 thoughts on “Prophet Pearls #29 – Acharei Mot (Ezekiel 22:1-19)

  1. Eze.22:19: YHVH takes the ‘leftovers’ from the crucible, the remnant, of Israel and gathers them to the land of inheritance; it’s like He strips them from their own sense of value – the silver -, and shows that He can make them valuable again, like taking the desert and making it bloom again!

  2. Hi there Nehemiah, I’ve been reading the book Ezekiel upto this month upto chapter 20, I’m confused as to what statutes eze 20:24-25 refers to, I’ve read elsewhere Cannaite law.
    If so do you know any other instances in the tanak similiar to this
    Regards Jonathan Lee

  3. Since the JPS was first translated in 1917 perhaps the translators could not even hope that Israel would in fact be back in the Land so they chose the “been defiled” rather than “divide the land”. So a lack of faith rather than a perverted agenda. And in fact Israel was defiled before the return.

  4. What was the abomination that caused the shedding of blood in Jerusalem? Was it not child sacrifice? Is not child sacrifice, aka abortion, still practiced? So it isn’t the settlements which are blocking progress toward peace but the continuation of ancient idolatry in Israel. The places of drumming still exist, the victims are just much younger and their cries not heard by their fathers and mothers. But the Mighty One of Israel has ears to hear. We will have no shalom as long as child sacrifice is practiced.

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