Prophet Pearls #21 – Ki Tisa (1 Kings 18:1-39)

Image courtesy of the Digital Image Archive, Pitts Theology Library, Candler School of Theology, Emory University, Prophet Pearls Ki Tisa, 1 Kings 18:1-39, 1 kings, ahab, Elijah, elijah confronts ahab, fire from heaven, haftarah, identity of obadiah, jezebel, Keith Johnson, nehemia gordon, obadiah, parashah, Parsha, parshas, parshat, Prophet PearlsIn this episode of Prophet Pearls, Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson discuss the Prophets portion for Ki Tisa covering 1 Kings 18:1-39. True to their word to do “whatever it takes” to complete Prophet Pearls, Gordon and Johnson convene in Jerusalem to examine the brassiest display of prophetic prowess in the Tanakh. We are drawn into Elijah’s confrontation with Ahab as if for the first time. Hebrew word-plays jump off the page and demand attention. Gordon connects puzzle pieces to propose a fascinating and completely plausible reading of Obadiah’s back story. Who was he and what great news for mankind does he represent?

Gordon closes in a prayer of consecration to Yehovah—the one who in unfailing mercy redeems the hearts of unworthy men.

"you call on the name of your gods,
and I will call on the name of Yehovah" (1 Kings 18:24)

I look forward to reading your comments!

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Image courtesy of the Digital Image Archive, Pitts Theology Library, Candler School of Theology, Emory University.

17 thoughts on “Prophet Pearls #21 – Ki Tisa (1 Kings 18:1-39)

  1. I would not even thought about this except I listened to someone today who made a big-deal out of the word “dust” (a Rabbinic commentary) in verse 38. So I looked at the Hebrew version and found וְאֶת-הֶעָפָר which my Hebrew-to-English program translated as “and the dirt” rather than dust. Does anyone know what it translates to from Biblical Hebrew?

  2. Alter and Mount Carmel

    At the time the 10 Northern Tribes had been separated from the House of Judah. May this have been the reason for a separate alter?

  3. Could I submit an idea for consideration. The discussion on whether Torah was suspended to allow a sacrifice outside of Torah.
    I wonder if i could be so bold as to submit a question?
    What about if it was judgement time? What about if YHVH showed the people what happens when a sacrifice is made that is not mandated? Nothing can stand. The consuming fire cleanses EVERYTHING that is offered. EVERYTHING is judged, consumed, destroyed. I highly doubt that anything is left behind to fellowship with. There will be no fellowship with YHVH if his prescribed method is not followed to a T. What about if YHVH came in judgment against every authority that raised itself or was raised up above YHVHs statutes and ordinances.?? To me that bears consideration. Love you guys!

  4. ‘In the name of'” (name; meaning the authority, power, essense, character) of Yehovah. Passover the houses, could more culturally mean, passover the threshold of the house, each dwelling place had a threshold with a bowl or SAF, in the threshold, to welcome a guest, we’d go choose an animal, slaughter it, and pour out the blood into the SAFF, and the guest was to step over the threshold to show honor to the house, to tramble the threshold was dishonor.The door posts of Eqypt was covered in symblols of many gods, could call them household gods, those which provided, protected them; so to follow Yehoval, blood from the SAF is used to wipe off the idols of the home, that Yehovah is the ONE True God you are to follow, out the house and to a promomised land.

  5. I wish the segment could have covered verse 42, the prayer of eliyah. Since learning to pray as he, with face between knees, bowed to the earth, I have learned what the shalom of Yah is.

  6. I could see you two as the 2 end time prophets.
    In this day when The False prophet is saying all the gods worshipped by the world are the same god. Your message of THE NAME of THE ONE TRUE ELOHIM is of utmost importance for many will be decieved.

  7. Your picture of the Ark has the staves in the sides but they should be in the ends. Does God go down the path sideways? Solomon put the Ark in his temple and pulled the staves back so they could not be seen. That can’t be done if the staves are in the sides.

  8. Yes I’ll say it too, WOW! This Torah Pearls is “PACKED” full. Definitely going to require listening again.

    I wanted to make a comment about you Nehemiah making plausible conclusions concerning Obadiah’s history. My personal definition of “wisdom” is; “the ability to take that which is seen to see the unseen”. Rom 1:20. Isn’t this an example of what you did with this man Obadiah? You Nehemiah, have the potential to be a very wise man. I believe your level of knowledge with applied heart is something Almighty God can build upon. You also have a wise friend to help. We all need a wise friend. I know it’s scary! I know. Venture in only if you truly believe YHVH wants you to be truely wise. Then you can lean on him to give you “wisdom from above”. There is that which comes from below. That must be made aware of also for juxtaposing without adherence. Yahushuah said to one, “are you a master in Israel and know not these things?” Do you wish to know? Do you want to be wise? Paul the “sent one” was a very wise man of YHVH. Lets see what our God will do with you.

    I’m sorry for all the trouble you two have had as you press through with these Prophet Pearl sections. I am so happy you are. Thanks be to Almighty God and you two men along with the Partners to make it happen. So be it, me

  9. Thank you! I was intrigued by Nehemia’s mention of the Talmudic record about a certain 1st century “Sinner” of Israel when discussing the “troubler of Israel” (18:17). In exchange for vestiges of pre-torn toilet paper, and not unlike Elijah’s extra-Torah altar, maybe what Moses hoped for in his day (Numbers 11:26-29) was accomplished by that ‘great sinner’ at another time (Rev 1:5-6; 1 Peter 2:5,9). Thereby it seems perfectly precedented that holy anointing oil of a different mixture be used by, for, and among the holy priesthood mentioned therein. (See related Torah Pearls comment on that page.)

  10. Interesting picture you chose. The Altar is made of cut stone. Of course this could be the altar of the priests of Baal.

    • It was drawn many centuries after the fact, judging by the look of it. Since they are pouring water on it, I presume that it’s not intended to represent the altar used by the priests of baal. As should be expected, it was created by someone not intimately familiar with the Tanakh.

      Personally, I find the use of such pictures distracting and disturbing since many people give them too much credence. While not technically a ‘graven’ image, the effect is often the same.

  11. Hey guys, KEEP READING! 1kings 18:40 Then Elijah ordered them,”Seize the prophets of Baal! Do not let even one of them escape.” So they seized them, and Elijah brought them down to the wadi Kishon and slaughtered them there.
    Wow, how does one man kill 850 men by hand? With a NATION standing behind him! I love that Israel stands boldly in DIRECT opposition to the very prophets that they had become subject to, when they witnessed the fire of YHVH! May it be in OUR day, that YHVH emboldens Israel to STAND against the prophets of Baal.
    That was my new all time favorite prophet pearls! Great work guys!

  12. Maybe, An alter of Abraham, Issac,or Jacob. As you see multiple times. They repeatedly built alters and wells in varying places. Before Moses.Just because they don’t name who the he was. At that time, Elijah is rebuilding and the people at that time had a concept of who believed enough to have built it and believed. But watch out for fire coming down again in the future. The Disciples mentioned bringing fire down and they were warned against it. Next, guy who does it is the Wrong Guy! Don’t be deceived by him.

  13. The Livestock are very important.Horses(war)and donkeys(war gear or priest, elderly, food/forage transport-harvest stompers) are very important as elements of war, peace, and survival. The nations physical survival is important and could be dependent on these animals. Humans may be important also but how can you travel vast areas or pull wagons or transport great amounts of food with? Without them the people could be destroyed by war and starvation especially at the time of drought. ox are strong but slow transporters. they are not energy efficient. Man who straddles fence may one day fall and hurt self. The cutting also releases endorphins-which in turn while on the outside might look messy. Will also reducing the actual pain response. (That’s one reason- why the chemical is released for survival to escape a predator during fight and flight).These guys could have been in a form of group hysteria/ecstasy as well. YHVH doesn’t need a grand show.

  14. So Fabulous! I THANK YAHOVAH for you all and all your work.

    Are you opposed to doing this very same thing with the Brit Chadashah?

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