Prophet Pearls #49 – Ki Teitzei (Isaiah 54:1-54:10)

Prophet Pearls #49 - Ki Teitzei (Isaiah 54:1-54:10) - NehemiasWall.comIn this episode of Prophet Pearls, Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson discuss the Prophets portion for Ki Teitzei covering Isaiah 54:1-54:10. Gordon and Johnson revel in the glorious promises to Israel, explore the various ways the Tanakh allegorizes her, and stand firmly on common ground concerning the messianic promise as Yehovah connects his eternal covenant with Israel to the seed of David. This week's Prophet Pearls, is a rebroadcast of Prophet Pearls Noach (Isaiah 54:1-55:5), which is more or less the same prophet portion.

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3 thoughts on “Prophet Pearls #49 – Ki Teitzei (Isaiah 54:1-54:10)

  1. Would the following be a picture for the compassion our Father has for us?
    It is as though we are in His womb. He convieved us and He has carried His people through the turmoil, and upheavles of of pregnancy for thousands of years.
    The birthing (birthpains of Messiah) will happen at the begining of the Messianic Kingdom when Israel, My son, or bride as the case may be, comes forth to live in a restored Eden (original design). Or at the end of the ages when the Olam Haba arrives? Does this fit into the terminology throughout the Scriptures?
    Thanks so much for all you do.

  2. Thank you for your good work. I do hope you and Keith can someday read and give your thoughts on Hebrew Matthew.. May you always be blessed. May we all know the love and salvation of Yeshua. Halleluyah!!!

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