Hebrew Voices #126 – The Masked Shiite Muslim

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, The Masked Shiite Muslim, I learn why the two major sects of Islam view each other as distortions of the true faith, how the relationship between Jews, Israel, and Islam is more nuanced than is often portrayed, and whether or not Mohammed was a conquering warlord who married a 9-year-old girl.

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  • Mat says:

    I hope the Shia muslim is still alive after this interview. May God protect him.

  • Ken says:

    What about the battle of Khaibar ? Have you ever heard what happened to Safiya, a 17 year beautiful jewish girl, who was taken to the tent of Mo, after her husband was killed the same day, making fire on his stomach ? ( She hated him to the day of her death after forced marriage.) Then he was poisoned eating a meal from a goat. What about digging trenches before beheading 6-900 male jews, from puberty, written in the Hadith. This is what Arafat refereed to in his speech in Kairo 1995 “Memo to Arafat” vs. the Oslo-accord ( YouTube )

  • Kenet says:

    Fascinating discussion with the Moslem in the Park.

  • Donald Smith says:

    YHVH is not the author of confusion! Praise YHVH!