Yom Teruah 2015

Full Moon by Nehemia Gordon, Yom Teruah, Nehemia, new moon sighting, moon, Hebrew Voices, full moon, new moon, first sliver, visible, Western horizon, not visible, days, Yehovah, yhvhNehemia talks with Dev Arndt-Daniel about the upcoming new moon sighting of Yom Teruah on September 14, 2015. Will the moon be visible making Yom Teruah begin that evening or will it begin the following evening? They also talk about Nehemia's new podcast series "Hebrew Voices."

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The photo above is of the "full" moon over Fremont Indian State Park, Utah. In contrast, the "new" moon marking Yom Teruah is the first sliver visible on the Western horizon after the moon was not visible for 1.5 or more days.

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  1. Thanks for sharing sighting of new moon. i have heard when the new moon is invisible the new month begins. This is so unclear because how can you calculate without a fact of actually seeing the first sliver? I am like a baby learning to read and count and desire to embrace all YeHoVa has for me. Thanks for all your sharing and heeding the call of YeHoVa.

  2. Saw the New Moon in Coolidge AZ at 6:59 pm PST today Monday September 14, 2015. Witnessed by my husband, two sons and little old me. Blew the shofar in honor of Yehovah’s Day of Trumpets. Praise be to Yehovah!

  3. Shalom everyone, …. so the huge question is, have you seen it yet? Is it starting tonight, or … tomorrow night? Thank you very much! 😀

    • that was from Virginia, USA btw… so we all await your sighting anxiously! I think it will be seen today! Shalom and May IAUE bless you all and all the people and animals who need Him and want Him and yet do not know Who He is! IAUE help us all….

      Thank you again in advance, hopefully awaiting your reply/sighting/answer, Sincerely a sister in USA and May
      IAUE help NetanYahu…

  4. My Yehovah richly bless Devorah and Nehemia in their mission. Thank you both we enjoyed this episode and pray that all the baddies will stay away from now on. Sorry to hear about people misbehaving like that and pray that you will never be deterred because of it. It was nice to get a peek behind the scenes and from where I am sitting a-one-man-show (and one woman/small team) confirms your legitimacy. The moment you start buying planes is when I’ll start to back off.

    • It’s SO funny you say that!! We tease each other all the time about the plane thing!! If either one of us ever gets a car newer than 2008 we will feel like we are in high cotton!!!!

  5. Not related to this thread in particular, but I must ask: what is your favourite Hebrew-English copy of the Miqra (Kara)? Is that “A Reader’s Hebrew Bible” by Zondervan publishers I am seeing in your hands in the recent YouTube videos?

    Obviously ArtScroll is right out. 😉

  6. Thank you! What a blessing! I am a humble learner and am trying to process everything. Quick question: So far this year I’ve noticed that the rabbinical and biblical calendars have overlapped (coincided), is it an impossibility for the new moon to appear on the 13th? Is that why you are not beginning the search until the 14? Or do you mean the 14th as is the evening ending the 13th?

    • It is going to be difficult enough on the evening of the 14th so no, it would not be visible on the evening of the 13th.

  7. YeHoVah we thank you and bless You, that You alone are our Shield and Defense; we ask please, from your sanctuary send out a ministering angel upon the phone lines of Ms Dev; that literally cut off the mouths of the roaring lions who come to strike, tear down, and devour. LORD, strike them on the jaw. Surround every part of the territory You have given her with Shalom.

    • AMEN!!!! I stand with Janice in her prayer for Ms Dev, too! She is too precious to be chewed up by angry tearing young lions! Guard her heart and mind with Your patrolling Peace, Yehovah!!! Calling on Your Name as LORD of Hosts!!!! We pray for her and Nehemia daily in our commitment to Your ministry through Makor Ministries.

      I am concerned about the books stolen by the Catholic Church housed in the Vatican’s library from the Jews. Pope Francis has been throwing sentences around lately in South America repenting of the Church’s imperialism…..if really true, then return those books and articles taken from the Jews, where we know they murdered to obtain, and give back to Israel, how about? That would be true repentance and sorrow for what the evil church has done.

      • Amen to that! I’m not a Texan, but hello to my fellow southern women campaigning for the use of “y’all”!

        Nice radio voice, Dev!

        How do I get my hands on one those t-shirts, Sandra?

  8. If the new moon is not sighted do you still declare the 7 month after the 29th day of the 6th month? Is the shofar blown with or without the sighting? ie. can the 6 th month have 30 days if the 29th day is fully overcast with clouds?

    The point is, according to Torah is it the sighting of the new moon after the 5th month that sets into granite the number of days for the 6th month and thus makes specific the day of Yom Teruah

    sorry for such a basic primitive question but a lot of web sites are polluted with rabbinical tradition rather that simple Torah fact.

  9. Thank you Nehemia for this excellent article on Yom Teruah. It’s most informative.
    I’ve waited many years for someone to explain this Holy Day.

    May Yahovah bless you for this.

    Shalom v’Brachot,
    Jeanne Rees

  10. I am in agreement with getting others views. In Google books there are a ton of historic facts that people back then wanted to get out. Even the religious both negative views and positive. I hope others also will search out everything.
    Shalom Nehemia and Dev and all others

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