Hebrew Voices #106 – Why it’s YEhovah, but HalleluYAh

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, Why it's YEhovah, but HalleluYAh, I explain why the vowel in "Yehovah" changes in "Yah" and why people who don't understand this Hebrew rule are pronouncing Yeshua's name wrong. Kiruv wrote: "Thank you for this clear explanation!"

I look forward to reading your comments!

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10 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #106 – Why it’s YEhovah, but HalleluYAh

  1. Totally blew me away, I knew that Yod He Vau He could not equal Yahweh, but was stuck on the correct vowels… I am somewhat amazed that Jehovah is actually closer to the truth than the more popular Yahweh.

    Sadly I only studied Greek in Bible College and have no access to the Hebrew Version of the Gospel of Matthew. I have a question about Matt 28:19 according to the best Hebrew manuscripts. Was wondering if they contain the Traditional Baptismal formula or does the confirm the wording contained in the writings of Eusebius of Caesarea… who had copied of the Hebrew Gospel in his library?

    • Sidney, the last three verses, in my copy (George Howard), of The Hebrew Gospel of Matthew go as follows:

      V. 18 Jesus (Yeshua) drew near to them and said to them: To me has been given all power in heaven and earth.

      V. 19 Go

      V. 20 and (teach) them to carry out all the things
      which I have commanded you forever.

      Hope this throws a little light on the subject.

  2. Shalom Nehemia
    With all the controversy on our creators Name Rachel and I have been looking at halleluyah as the surest way of saying His Name no one then should have a problem with that keep up the good work mate there is another Karaite group called Jews for Karaite Judaism what can you tell me about them they the W and not the Y do you know what is there proof of this version may Yah bless us both

  3. I always love hearing your explanations! Funny question tho, at the end when you said “Jonathan and his friends” (jAH) and according to your explanation not sure why it wouldn’t it be pronounced Jenathan ? (jEH) no need to answer really, it would take too long ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Thank-you Nehemia! Appreciate the simple clarity with which you presented the grammatical rules of Biblical Hebrew.

  5. Thank you for sharing your extensive knowledge. I have spent years reading commentaries from others. Through your encouragement to dig deep for ourselves, I am only beginning to scratch the surface. Thank you for showing us the resources to use and giving us guidance to assist in our own research.

    I grew up in a Lutheran church, so my Christian Roots run deep. Learning the history of some of those traditions is eye opening. Enjoyed this segment.

  6. Way over my understanding but i know you feed people with avinu Yehovah’s truth, cause that’s your calling
    Shalom from a Zionist in Norway

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