Sermon from the Altar

High-PlaceThank you for standing with me on the Wall! To record this latest support team study, I went to Samaria to see a genuine “high place” on a slope of Mount Ephraim. It was a chilling experience to be able to touch the remains of this place that represents not only the sins of my ancestors, but the failing in us all – the itch to follow tradition—the desire to do what we want.

I’ll share with you the biblical history of these “high places” as well as an extra-biblical account about them. I want to help you see the cultural and spiritual reasons these places were so persistent. I’ll also draw some similarities between Hezekiah’s destruction of the high places with Henry VIII’s role in the Protestant Reformation. And finally, join me on Mount Ephraim as I compare the high places that dotted the hillsides of Samaria to the high places that are still entrenched throughout the world today.
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