• Shelley Cadd says:

    Yes, Nehemia – WHEN???

  • Cyndie Simmons says:

    At this point I am not aware of a “specific IDF” groups working with widows and orphans, but will check with some of my contacts in the land
    [My friend Shoshi works with widows and orphans] …

    However, “Reaching Out Through Hands of Mercy” ministers to widows and orphans:
    Ye’shi Reinhardt, Director
    6 Rehov Herzel
    S’Derot 81000 Israel

    Israel Cell: 050-202-3040
    Telephone/Fax 972 (0) 8-661-2716

    US Cell: 718-964-3980

    I know of one more, but will need to locate the information and post later.

    Hope this helps 🙂