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Thank you for your interest in Nehemia’s Wall! You’ve reached the Support Team page. The Support Team was created as a bonus, a special “Thank you!” for those who have supported our ministry. Your support enables him to publish all of the amazing information on Nehemia's Wall! There are currently about 30 hours of in-depth audio teachings just for his Support Team! More coming soon!

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Please make the amount of your donation a matter of prayer before Yehovah. We hope you appreciate the information enough to support its continuation. We can’t do it without you!

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Without your generous participation Nehemia could not continue his calling of teaching the Word of our heavenly Father and empowering people with information about the Hebrew sources of their faith! Please pray for us and thank you for your interest in joining Nehemia’s Support Team! It is by the grace of Yehovah and Support Team members like you that we are able to continue sharing His word!

5 thoughts on “Support Team Options

  1. Thank you for the study “The Hidden Meaning of Purim”. Your explanation of the scroll of Esther and the similarities with the life of Joseph was enlightening. Your prayer at the end was truly a blessing to me. Yah bless you and keep you.

  2. yashar may be stories BUT it is a great faith builder,walking with YAH on a day to day basis—–there is NO DOCTRINAL statements only a living in faith,i have been uplifted by the yashar writings,i hope and pray all will read it.
    exhortational writings are necessary for the soul

    • As Nehemiah has brought forth the evidence on Bk of [Y]asher, and I might add, thoroughly and very well, in at least a couple of his teachings, one should be very careful to draw too much inspiration from a book of fiction. Hasn’t the Tanak quite enough Inspiration to last a Life time? And doesn’t it call the studious, meek, and chosen to dig deeper into its treasure trove? Our Faith should be based on TRUTH, not fiction! O’ be careful little eyes what you read, there’s a Father up above looking down in Justice Love, O’ be careful little eyes what you see…

  3. Shabbat shalom Rabbi Nehemiah. Your teaching is a blessing from Yehovah. Next year in Yerushalayim. May Yehovah bless you abundantly in all areas of your life.

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