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Welcome to Nehemia's Support Team page! We created the Support Team as a bonus, a special “thank you” for those who support our ministry. Your support enables Nehemia to publish all of the amazing information on Nehemia's Wall!

Nehemia's Wall has over 200 hours of teachings available to everyone. We are able to share this message with the world thanks to generous support from people like you.

To join the Support Team and enjoy over 30 hours of in-depth teachings, please make a recurring donation by filling in an amount and clicking on the “Donate” button below.

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Checks can be made out to "Makor Hebrew Foundation" and mailed to: Makor Hebrew Foundation, POB 27215, San Antonio, TX 78227.

You can make a donation by calling our office at 1-800-420-8206.

Thank You for Your Support!
Nehemia Gordon and your friends at Makor Hebrew Foundation

Please make the amount of your donation a matter of prayer before Yehovah. We hope you appreciate the information enough to support its continuation. We can’t do it without you!

For more options and information, please contact Dev using the contact form or by calling 800-420-8206.

Your generous participation allows Nehemia to continue his calling of teaching the Word of our heavenly Father and empowering people with information about the Hebrew sources of their faith! Please pray for us and thank you for your interest in joining Nehemia’s Support Team! It is by the grace of Yehovah and Support Team members like you that we are able to continue sharing His word!

6 thoughts on “Support Team Options

  1. Praise the Lord! I am a Jamaican living in London and I am very much appreciative of the excellent teaching and eye opener of the Scriptures that is provided by this Ministry.

    May Yehovah continue to Bless this Ministry and keep you and your family safe.

  2. There’s nothing blasphemous about the Creator of life creating life within the womb of a virgin, with her foreknowledge and consent, and in a manner that only He is privy to.

  3. I awoke with a Hebrew Gospel Pearl. Matthew is in no way claiming that the Ruach haKodesh had sex with a human being. Miriam was a virgin until her marriage with Joseph was consummated after the birth of Yeshua.

  4. Thank you for providing us Biblical with in-depth information and insights that we would not have otherwise. What a blessing Yehovah is making you for us!

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