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29 thoughts on “Support Team Options

  1. When Paul wrote, “The wages of sin is death”, he wasn’t referring to sinful acts nor to physical death, but to our sinful nature and to spiritual death which precedes eternal death. This principle is called “The Law of Sin and Death” which was activated when Adam ate from the tree – he died spiritually. Since that day mankind has been UNDER THE LAW, not under the law of Moses but UNDER THE LAW OF SIN AND DEATH. Man is fallen and DEAD in sin, i.e. in his Adamic nature, and the “Law of Sin and Death” will ultimately result in eternal damnation (unless remedied).

    Fallen man, particularly humanistically conditioned fallen man, doesn’t like the idea that he’s fallen. He either explains away God, and if he confesses God, then he explains away that he’s fallen, and if he admits that he’s fallen, then he explains away hell (or creates some other refuge). Put differently, he defines God on his terms (which is a projection of himself). But God is not like man, particularly not like humanistically conditioned man at the beginning of the 21st century.

    And then you have the two extreme deceptions: a) Judaism which promises eternal life through Torah obedience, and b) Alleged followers of Yeshua HaMashiach who think they have eternal life while practicing lawlessness and blatant idolatry (trinity worship, etc.).

    The blameless suffering servant of Isaiah 53 (which surely wasn’t Israel) has provided a New Covenant which entails rebirth, thereby ridding Jew and Gentile from THE LAW (of sin and death) and bringing them under GRACE (in order to fulfill Mosaic Law).

    Everyone’s got the choice. Anyone dying in the state he was born, i.e. as a fallen descendant of Adam, will go to hell – and make no mistake, the counterpart to “eternal bliss of the saved” is “eternal horror of the damned.” Again, Adam’s spirit died when he ate, and the New Covenant is all about restoring man to the state he had before the fall.

    All of Israel will be saved; but the Gentiles who forfeited the chance of being grafted into Israel, or trampled on God’s Law and followed Rome’s abominations, – they will all go into the pit.

  2. NEHEMIAH! MAH-MAN! You shouldn’t be associated with the whole 501(c)(3) thing… they are in covenant with Ba’al. You don’t need to answer to them. Hashem be praised! Love ya man!

  3. There’s too much truth in the book for a wholesale condemnation. I can live with anachronisms, embellishments and corruptions (which is what one would expect); to relegate it to the dustbin seems premature to me.

  4. Oh sometimes we r slow to learn. as mentioned earlier in these postings, the letter J does not exist in the Hebrew language. if I went to china, my name would still be Donald. and not ho lin chang.

    • But if one were Chinese, Mr Lin Ho, you wouldn’t care to be called Donald, now would you? Just the other side of the same coin. Treating as one would like to be treated. Loving the Father by discovering his name & Honoring Him by using it respectfully & treating all as we would want to be treated, whether brother, friend, for, or even the Father, as well as His Son, if one believes.

  5. A bit off but not really. As in German the wolks Vagon VW because we supposedly say the letter sounds backwards in English. Native Americans name for “Great Spirit” is how our state of Iowa was named. Could it have been Yehowa anciently? The native Americans from Yoncalla Oregon are almost Karaites. Same “health ” laws with washing, “moon hut” for women same 10 Commandments meaning not wording as its a different language. They have a 7 day feast/celebration during the full moon of July (7th month). It appears to be from right after the tower of Babel pre Mosaic sacrifices. As it says in Genesis Abraham kept his commandments and feast day. Curiously the Nimrod religion (Catholic) got to this continent anciently as well. Istel (EEstel like Easter the Sumerian fertility goddess) has a temple at Chichin Itza in Mexico where the fertility symbol is the sea turtle (which make much more sense to me than an egg laying rabbit). The triune “god” when Spaniards arrived some were surprised to see the what they thought were Mary and Jesus. The beginning of time after the great flood is about 50 years off from my understanding of Biblical chronology.

    I am only somewhat familiar with other Native American religions but many of them are very similar to what I think Karaites are, religiously. The only Karaite I actually know is Nehemia and we’ve met once so…

    Also wondering if anyone has a copy of an old book “Jesus was a Karaite” I can’t remember the author. I read it from the Douglas County Oregon Library in 1985?

    • Perhaps it’s a straight mistranslation of what the European settler wrote down. Especially if that settler was German where the W is pronounced V, just like in Hebrew as Vav. On German coins from 15-1800’s was minted Iehova, now read the letters as a German would I ‘Ye’ O ‘Ho’ WA ‘Va’. Easily IOWA could be the mispronounced name of YeHoVaH, and possibly only the Indians who gave the name to the European settlers would be aware of this. People could easily hear ‘Yeho’, yet understand it as ‘Yo’, so shortening YeHoVaH to ‘Yova’ or IOWA.

      • In English letters it is actually ‘Folks Vagon’, the V is an F sound, and the W is a V or Vav. There is no ‘Wi’ sound in German, like Hebrew. Note Wi with short i, not ‘wee’ which is long i.

    • Nehemia has spent a lot of time researching and he goes through one by one detailing them all out in his support team studies. Perhaps you would send him a donation to help with his ministry and the research costs so you can have access to the support team materials? I did, and I can guarantee that all of the in-depth studies are worth it. If you really cannot afford it, shoot me a reply and I’ll see if I can sponsor you.

  6. I downloaded a copy if an interlinear bible and above the YHVH it has the Strongs Concordance reference number h3068 hypertext link where it says that the phonetic pronunciation is Yehovah but is translated as Yaweh. Strange!

    • It is as Nehemia pointed out in the past, Strong is not a good selection, when it comes to Hebrew, it is not really scholarly or scientific, as it is limited in scope, especially when there are Akkadian loan words in Hebrew; Nehemia suggests “Brown-Driver-Briggs” Hebrew/English lexicon!

      • Which Interlinear bible would Nehemiah recommend. The Hebrew, Greek, English on I have is frustrating. Just on the first page there were three or four different spellings of Yehovah yet all of these spellings are the same number 480.
        With a letter added to the original word could change the word or its meaning. As in English “her” is one word but adding a simple letter “e” at its end total changes the word to here.
        Not being a scholar in the Hebrew language leave me to shake my head in frustration.

  7. As a Jehovah’s Witness I was surprised to read your comment Pete. But in case I had somehow misunderstood the subject I have again read the Insight article on the pronunciation of the divine name and also watched the June 2015 JW broadcast on the subject. Both acknowledge, as does Nehemia, that many scholars prefer using Yahweh as the divine name. However, at no point in these sources, can it ever be said that the Watchtower organization “went with consensus of other scholars that it’s probably Yahweh.” In fact the Insight book states that “there seems to be no reason for abandoning in English the well-known form ‘Jehovah’ in favor of some other suggested pronunciation.”

    While acknowledging that it is unlikely that ‘Jehovah’ would represent the original sound of God’s name as uttered by the Hebrew prophets, over the last 140 years the Watchtower has consistently encouraged using the divine name. I listen with great pleasure to Nehemia’s findings, but it comes as absolutely no surprise to hear that his research leads to the conclusion I have always suspected: Yehovah likely is the pronunciation.

    P.S. The Insight book makes the point that if we are to insist upon using the precise pronunciation used in Hebrew, “to be consistent, changes should be made in the spelling and pronunciation of a host of other names found in the Scriptures: Jeremiah would be changed to Yir·meyahʹ, Isaiah would become Yeshaʽ·yaʹhu, and Jesus would be either Yehoh·shuʹaʽ (as in Hebrew) or I·e·sousʹ (as in Greek). The purpose of words is to transmit thoughts; in English the name Jehovah identifies the true God, transmitting this thought more satisfactorily today than any of the suggested substitutes.”

    • But it pulls away from the Hebraic sound of the name as there is no “J” in the Hebrew alphabet!
      In many subconscious minds it is more religiously correct the n to say Jehovah instead!

    • Being raised in a Kingdom Hall I understand the ease of allowing the “J”. But as I have learned we are to do things “HIS” way, not the way that is convenient, or the way one thinks it should be. “Blessed is He who comes in the name of YEHOVAH.” “HIS” Holy Name. We should use “HIS” Holy Language.

  8. Listened to the talk with Michael Oren. Fantastic witness testimony. I really love that conversation. I love Nehemia and have been inspired by his video on the Hebrew Gospel of Matthew to learn Hebrew myself, which I’m enjoying a lot.

    • Jehovah’s witnesses have been saying this about Thanksgiving for decades. And also believe in the earthly paradise and gods kingdom…thank you for showing so many these gems.

      • Sorry to correct you but the watchtower has never known the Hebrew name of God …look it up in the insight book …they went with consensus of other scholars that it’s probably Yahweh…as matter of fact they believe no one knows how exactly was the name pronounced in Hebrew watch the jw broadcast…they use the English form Jehovah because it’s more widely known. So it is false to say they always known.

          • And false… I grew up in the JW organisation, and I first heard this ‘yahweh’ invention come up about ten years ago. It NEVER came from JW’s, and NEVER would they even think of changing to that. I don’t walk with them because I have other philosophical beliefs that do not agree with them. I would suggest they read the ‘J’ as ‘Ye’ because it came from Greek and olde English where it WAS ‘Ye’ sound and the ‘Jay’ sound has only been used for a bit over 100 years. Yehovah is the name of the Creator, and JW’s I have spoken to agree with this. NONE support this ‘yahweh’ English made up ‘name’.

          • This is false,

            “Sorry to correct you but the watchtower has never known the Hebrew name of God …look it up in the insight book …they went with consensus of other scholars that it’s probably Yahweh…as matter of fact they believe no one knows how exactly was the name pronounced in Hebrew watch the jw broadcast…they use the English form Jehovah because it’s more widely known. So it is false to say they always known.”

            Read the original source again; here is the actual source from the Insight Book:

            “Jehovah” is the best known English pronunciation of the divine name, although “Yahweh” is favored by most Hebrew scholars. The oldest Hebrew manuscripts present the name in the form of four consonants, commonly called the Tetragrammaton (from Greek te·tra-, meaning “four,” and gramʹma, “letter”). These four letters (written from right to left) are יהוה and may be transliterated into English as YHWH (or, JHVH)”

            Is it no wonder people are spoonfed half truths and because of gullibility, they will believe just about anything and swallow such down hook line and sinker and then, use it as propaganda!

        • I am Jehovah’s witness in Israel from 1981 I use Hebrew language and we never used another pronunciation for יהוה than Yéhovah
          They wanted to switch Jehovah to Yéhovah in 2009 in our English publications but they explained it would have been then consistent to use in English all the other Hebrew names so they left Jehovah in English but in Hebrew we always prayed and worshipped Yéhovah

          • Yes,in many countries, JW use Jehovah. Even a cursory search of their website or foreign language materials shows this. So probably your materials in Israel would be very accurate as there would be the debate of changing all of the other names, as they are all already Hebrew.

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