Hebrew Voices #62 – Reggie White and The Secret Vault (Rebroadcast)

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, Reggie White and the Secret Vault, I share my experiences teaching Biblical Hebrew to the late football Hall-of-Famer Reggie White and tell the story of how we attained special access to a vault holding the actual pages of the Aleppo Codex, an opportunity which Reggie later famously called the best day of his life, better than even winning the Superbowl! Jackie wrote: “What an inspiration this man's faith continues to be to the world... and to me.”

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7 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #62 – Reggie White and The Secret Vault (Rebroadcast)

  1. Wonderful amazing story! Your a blessed man to have so many wonderful encounters and journeys! May all your dreams come to pass as Yehovah guides you!

  2. I went to The Shrine of the Book. I saw the Aleppo Codex. I stood there and looked at the words until I found yod hay vav hay. And Lo it was there and WITH THE VOWEL MARKS!!!! I too am from Missouri. ;))

  3. I feel like I have benefited from Reggie White’s search for the truth. I wish I had his dictionary to be able to learn an entire chapter in a couple hours. Oh, to read Biblical Hebrew firsthand…… A girl can dream.

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