Hebrew Voices #63 – Reading the New Testament Through Jewish Eyes

Nehemia Gordon talking with Dr. Brad Young on Hebrew Voices about Reading the New Testament Through Jewish EyesIn this episode of Hebrew Voices, Reading the New Testament Through Jewish Eyes, Nehemia Gordon has the honor of speaking with one of the truly great scholars of the Hebrew and Jewish context of the New Testament. Dr. Brad Young of Oral Roberts University explains how people who believe in Yeshua of Nazareth can start to learn to read the New Testament through Jewish eyes by healing the painful wounds between Christians and Jews.

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Show Notes:
Dr. Brad Young
Ze’ev Chafetz
David Flusser
Dr. Faydra Shapiro
Jerusalem Perspective Article About God-Fearers
Jesus the Jewish Theologian by Brad Young

29 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #63 – Reading the New Testament Through Jewish Eyes

  1. It’s interesting listening to all the different Christian perspectives and denominational doctrines that put Christianity all over the place. Its amazing how reading the bible ones self without being taught an interpretation but coming to understand brings a truth and clarity you nearly never hear otherwise.
    People shouldn’t be rejecting faith; they should be looking for the truth. This is why I am here without bringing denominational baggage.


  2. I really appreciate your teachings and how excited you get when you study. I appreciate you and your studies in the true Bible knowledge. Our world is into false teachings and even churches have no idea how Satan has destroyed the truth of the Bible.

  3. This has been in my heart for thirty years. I was raised Missouri synod Lutheran where you just didn’t question too awfully much. Thirty years ago I started my own study and have been an on again off again student. I have found myself frustrated more than not as I feel sometimes the roots of Christianity run so deep, the relearning is as if I have to convince myself the sky is purple instead of blue. It is refreshing to have teachers who are committed to closing the gap between Christianity and Jewish roots.

  4. I’m from Saint Louis Missouri / USA. Unfortunately I still see a lot of anti Semitic attitude among the general public, Christian or not. Society in general, here and world wide is rapidly becoming atheistic and haters of people of any kind of faith. (They think we’re stupid)
    However, for Christians who would like to have a better understanding of the Bible from a Jewish perspective, I know of an app that can help. I use a Free Bible app on my phone called “You Version” . It has 60 English translations and among them there are 3 Jewish versions in English. The Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB), Complete Jewish Bible (CJB) and the World Messianic Bible British Edition (WMBBE). Free from the Google Play Store. A well designed app. You can book mark, high light (with all the colours of the rainbow) and annotate notes. it has a compare button and you choose which and how many versions to compare. It also supports many languages. This app has too many features to list here. I was surprised to find these versions closely matched passages in Hebrew Mathew that you taught on Nehemia. This app is less than 45 MB installed and I have several Bibles downloaded to the SD card (1.5 MB each / it lets you do that) It works offline and they have audio and many videos online. A truly Excellent App. I can see that I’m going to have to study the Hebrew language to get a deeper and better understanding of God’s word.
    From reading Organic Gardening Magazines I discovered that; it has been found out that if one keeps composting the soil for several years, after awhile plants get to where they won’t grow well. Even though the soil has been enriched year after year. It seems something about the microbes in the soil get out of wack. THEY RECOMMEND LETTING THE SOIL REST FOR A SEASON! That seems to fix the problem! So… I came to the conclusion that the best thing to do is to let the soil rest every 7th year, no matter what religion you are or where you live. There is no one wiser that the living God! I find it interesting he doesn’t tell us why. You’ll find out why not,… eventually. Shalom friends! ✡️

  5. Enjoyed and learned some interesting perspectives. Could you explain the pardes in detail? You touched on Drash and left me hoping it would lead to a more detailed understanding of P,R & Sod. I know you think this is like “the sky is blue”, but I think you would get a good response and we might gain some valuable insights from how this concept originated in Hebrew thought.

  6. Nehemia thanks for Nehemia’s Wall! I’ Each time I hear the podcasts I learn new things. This one was awesome.

    May YeHoVaH keep blessing you!

  7. We thank you, Nehemia, for making Mr. Young available to share his insights. Bonnie and I appreciate and enjoyed his insights and wisdom. Bless God for opening our hearts and minds to these truths and Dr.Young’s confirmations, from a main stream christian university, with historical examples. It gives us hope that the church may be waking.

    Gal 3:27-28 “For as many of you as were baptized into Messiah have put on Messiah.There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Yeshua Messiah. ”

    Where is there room in these to make claims of the church being the new Israel?
    What point is trying to question who is part of lost tribes or better heritage? How is Jewish identity dismisable from any of Messiah’s teaching? “Heaven forbid!”

  8. Replacement theology is insidious, I agree. However, I disagree that we as Gentiles have been grafted into Yisrael. I believe the root is Yehovah, and we, Gentiles, have been grafted into Him. We are included in the promise that Yehovah made to Adam and Noah, as is Yisrael, but Yehovah’s promise to Yisrael is to them, and that promise is that they will administrate Yehovah’s blessing to the Gentiles with Yeshua ha’Mashiach as their King.

    However, where the Gentile fits right now is that Yehovah has revealed the truth of His Mashiach to Yisrael, yet because they have rejected Yeshua, and by extension Yehovah as well, Yehovah is rousing Yisrael to jealousy by also being kind to the Gentile in the midst of His discipline of Yisrael. This is Deuteronomy 32 at work, and how Paul commented on this situation in Romans 9-11.

    Yisrael understands what the promise is, but they have rejected the way that Yehovah is working it out. They have been hardened by Yehovah’s words the same way that Yeshua’s disciples were hardened and therefore crestfallen when Yeshua was crucified. They knew the promises of Yehovah, but they would not recognize the way it was to be worked out through the life and crucifixion of Ha-Mashiach, and by extension, the lives and crucixions of His disciples until the day Yeshua returns.

  9. This has been an excellent interview . Thank you!

    The miracle of the resurrection is a major part of the belief in Yeshua being the Messiah (to come) , as a dead Messiah without the resurrection would in no way be worth the endurance of persecutions.

    In my understanding of scripture, Yeshua had been sent to the lost sheep of the “House of Israel”.

    And if the “House of Israel” can be saved in this New Covenant – pictured by Jeremiah – can Adam and Eve not be grafted in too ?

    Is Yehovah not the God of all people?

    And if “all humans” fall short of or miss the mark , why have we and do we argue so much anyway ?

    • Yehovah is the God of all people, but the New Covenant is for the house of Yisrael. The New Covenant is for them so that they may administrate the blessing of Yehovah to all nations, the promise originally given in Genesis 3.

      Gentiles are not grafted in to the New Covenant; we are grafted into Yehovah after having gone astray to foreign gods who ought not be worshiped as God.

      • Hi David,

        Thoughtful and interesting reply. Thank you!

        You may be correct in your understanding that the New Covenant described in the book of Jeremiah may be more in line of Yehovah preparing his example nation Israel.

        My hope and understanding is that Yeshua had been prepared for the role to be the Messiah (to come) while on earth . This preparation included the temptation in the wilderness. Interestingly, he fasted 40 days (a day for each year the Israelites wandered in the wilderness?)

        Yeshua qualified himself !

        And as you said “we are grafted into Yehovah after having gone astray to foreign gods who ought not be worshiped as God.”

        In my understanding this is possible because Yeshua has become our blood brother , high priest , has prevailed, and is qualified to make intercession for all of us !

        Yeshua did say : “In my Fathers house are many mansions” …

  10. Great program, that Professor essentially echos my opinion.

    1st century believers were true followers of יהוח and Yeshua as messiah the rest of history is certainly christianity from a Goyim point of view and a drift on many points which are anti-semitic. The Goyim owe a debt to the Jewish people for having given them their Messiah, and His/their God.

    When He raised from the dead Yeshua said “I am going back to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.”

    So how can you be anti-semetic as a true follower of Yeshua?
    It makes no sense whatsoever.

  11. Sub-titles would have been nice, the prof’s voice was a bit “raspy”.

    There are such systemic failures in both “christianity” and “judaism”. If the Jews were faithful to the precepts of Moses, and the Christians were faithful to the precepts of Yahshua, they would end up in the same spiritual and ethical place. This may be most lucidly explained by Yahshua’s parable of the vineyard, in which he casts himself in the role of the last of, and a special prophet, with essentially the same mission as the rest of the prophets, except having more authority and a closer relation to the master YHWH.

    This said, I see Jews converting to Catholicism, and Christians converting to Rabbanism, as equally troubling. All just need to return to THE faith; and yes, there is only one.

    Like the prof told the stories about the elephant. Many stories, but it was the same elephant.

  12. Thank you Nehemia for this very insightful interview, although I am wondering why in your discussion, there is no mention of the Christians being the descendant of the 10 lost tribes of Israel. Isn’t this knowledge a very important part of the puzzle to understand how the Jewish people comprised of the the tribe of Judah, some benjamites and levites are indeed part of the greater family of Israel when reunited with the 10 other tribes, the Christians? the Jews and the Christians together are ISRAEL, the people of God, and both the Tanak and the New Testament are prophesying a greater exodus back to the Holy Land of a reunited people of Israel. This is the reason why in these end time, Jews and Christians are increasingly coming together in fellowship.

  13. Oh my! What a wonderful perspective. What a great voice for we believers in Yeshua and the great importance of his heritage and history. We have missed so much growing up in the church.
    The Jewish people have such great knowledge of the Torah, we want that as well!!!!!!!!
    Thanks to both of you for sharing your knowledge with those of us who are thirsty for more. Blessings to you and yours.

  14. Thank you for having him on. After I graduated from Bible school(2000) I set out to learn the “Jewish” side on my own. I was pointed in the right direction from a friend who pointed to you. Thank you for teaching me the “Jewish side of the New Testament and understanding the Torah better. Thank you for changing my life.

  15. I believe more and more Christians are realizing that we are grafted into the vine and Yehovah is the Father of the Jew first and then the Gentile. When Dr. Young prayed the Lorfd’s prayer in Hebrew it brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for this interview Nehemia. I can’t wait to hear more!

  16. This was absolutely wonderful!!!! It’s interesting to me to recognize that the majority of the history of my faith including the name of my own Messiah I have learned from you Nehemia. I would assert that many of us don’t know the history of our faith. It is a blessing that you teach because so many of us benefit from your research. This episode was AWESOME! I absolutely agree that the first Christians were Jews. It only makes sense that they didn’t leave their foundation and culture and family. There was a difference in beliefs after Yeshua died where some believe that the Messiah has come instead of will come. But they were still Jews. Christianity has transformed itself into something totally different than the original model. I am so happy to learn more and more each day. We are seeing a time, now, that many are starting to accept and embrace our roots. So awesome!

    Shalom! 🙂

    • When it is said that the first Christians were Jews, apparently the term “first Christians” is a bit narrow. “Christian” was first applied to the followers at Antioch, while the term “The Way” was often applied before that. But before Yeshua was crucified, there were quite a few Gentiles who followed him. As a Christian, I thoroughly reject Replacement Theology, because Paul is quite clear that we are not of the natural tree, but have been grafted in through Yeshua, and have become accepted by YeHoVaH through our saving belief in Yeshua. I, too, look forward to hearing more from Dr. Young.

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