6 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #41 – Proclaiming God’s Name on Nashville Radio

  1. Nehemiah what verse number is it where Yeshua says Yehovah saves right after the resurrection? I cannot find that verse thank you so much.

    • Ugg found it sorry to bother. Awesome wooooooohooooooo
      As they were going Jesus passed before them saying:
      May the Name deliver you. They came near to him, bowed down to
      him, and worshipped him.

  2. This was such a refreshing,inspiring dialog. I loved the statement made by Keith Johnson to Nehemia Gordon ….”when inspiration is combined with information….you get REVELATION ! Couldn’t have been said better.Praise be to YHVH for allowing me to see Him bringing His people together.

  3. I wish you had been able to finish your thought on the meaning of Yehovah!
    Enjoyed the interview and I am in agreement with Sandy, praying for your speaking event and for greater revelation.

  4. Praying for your speaking event in TN tonight, Nehemiah. Yehovah be praised with your sharing truth with people. Yehovah’s kingdom come, His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

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