Hebrew Voices #60 – Look What You Did in 2017!

In this special episode of Hebrew Voices, Look What You Did in 2017, Nehemia Gordon and Devorah Daniel look at the highlights of what we accomplished this year with your help. This was a roller-coaster year with exciting discoveries and miracles. Find out what you might have missed and hear how we have been changing lives together! It's hard to believe we did this all in the past year... and the year isn't over yet, so get a sneak preview of what we have in store in upcoming studies.This episode is available as a video and as a podcast.

I look forward to reading your comments!

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  • Lydia says:

    Amen! Amazing! Don’t know where I’d be without you! Looking forward to the year to come! Praying for your journey. Be blessed!

  • Caitlin House says:

    How nice it is to see both of your smiling faces! Thank you to both of you for doing this important work. Makor is a perfect word to describe the force of YHVH. Not only does He move in a powerful, noticeable, mighty way like a majestic waterfall, but he also trickles into the dry places where we never would suspect; penetrating the hearts of many around the world.

  • LuciL. says:

    What a fantastic year it’s been! Praise YHVH for His Great Names sake! Keep up the incredible work and may His full Restoration come soon for all of us. Shalom and I pray for lots of prosperity for your ministry so you can keep bringing us such cutting edge information from all sectors. You are the best news maker we have! Thank you Nehemia!

  • Marty Shrabel says:

    I am so glad you’re doing what you do. I have not found any one with more integrity and fervency toward our Creator’s Holy Word as you. Keep it up, we are praying for you–for strength in your mind, heart and body, for discernment, for Yehovah to open up more doors and manuscripts. You really won’t know the impact your work has had on this world until the New Age (may it be today).