Hebrew Voices #55 – Jews for Guns

Hebrew Voices - Jews for GunsIn this episode of Hebrew Voices, Jews for Guns, a firearms expert explains the tragic mass-shooting in Las Vegas, we find out why many Jews believe that gun control is evil, and we expose the Nazi origins of the 1968 US Gun Control Act.

Charles Heller is the Media Coordinator of the Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership, Co-Founder and Communications Coordinator of the Arizona Citizens Defense League, and the host of Liberty Watch Radio.

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21 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #55 – Jews for Guns

  1. I had not heard this podcast before. When it came out this year 2020, I was not sure I wanted to listen to it. I must say I learned a lot from this podcast about the history of giving up our guns. Also I learned that Yehovah endorsed our defending ourselves and standing up for our brothers when we see him attacked. Thank you Nehemia for another insightful teaching. Yehovah continue to be with you.

  2. I am for the right to have and carry guns. Missouri legalized the right to carry concealed without a permit. The local grocery store chain called Schnucks has a sign on the door banning open carry but, concealed carry is ok! ??? Open carry frightens people because they don’t know if you’re a psycho or not. In Missouri you can only shoot if they have broken into your house or if they are shooting at you. You can’t pull a gun on someone if they are threatening to harm you or, stealing or vandalizing your property.
    They also took away our right to make a citizens arrest. If anyone gets a protection order against a gun owner they take away their guns untill the order ends. Hand guns can be Very Good to have but, you better know what the law is. Keep close tabs on your gun too! Someone could borrow without your permission or knowledge, commit a crime with it and put it back. Years later you just might could have a problem. Trust No one! All that said, I grew up with guns and was taught how to be responsible with them as a child. I also like throwing knives and hatchets. They’re a lot of fun and good for survival. Too bad they’re not legal to carry. I have a pair of throwing knives that will go through your car door! I could take out a gunman from up to 100′ away! Go buy a water pipe, make a poster board cone, tape a nail to it. Now you have an effective blow dart gun, add a neural toxin and you can take down a buffalo! Hey, they’re a blast to play darts with. If you all get by Knoxville TN you gotta check out Smokie Mountain Knives, the worlds largest knife shop. They’re on the web too. Humans will always find a way to defend themselves no matter what the law says. Hey, King David took down a giant with a sling. I gotta get me one of those! I know some young women that found a bar with throwing hatchets. They had a blast. Don’t mess with Molly Hatchet she’s been trained! You can carry them in a pack legally but, not on your person.

  3. I a very much in favor of more education and information encouraging Jews to own guns. And for that matter everyone to do so.

  4. Great video! and I hope to see more of them that deal with daily life issues, from a gun carrying senior citizen Texan. I have drawn my gun or put my hand on it to spoil a criminal act or defend a family pet from a much large dog attacking it. I carry one everyday and for the purpose of preventing a crime on me or someone else.

  5. God’s Scriptures indicates that God is a realist and he expects you to be courageous! We have the laws for responsible weapons ownership.People complain about the NRA. But,it is not NRA members killing.It is fearful,angry,mentally ill,or individuals with criminal backgrounds that either could not honestly obtain a license.People who had shoddy, incomplete background checks by law enforcement or the FBI.

  6. I would like to say that just having a gun is not enough. You must learn to use it as would learn to play a instrument. That is practice all of the ways you can use it and all the options you have with the type of ammo and its uses. Think of how would you hide it and the ammo if the government would come and try to take it. Something else is not letting other know about your ownership of guns as to make yourself seem less a suspect. I strongly believe we must teach the youth of our community that gun are not evil, People with an evil hard heart are. You can only hide from an oppressor that is out to kill you for a short while if unarmed before they find you. My father taught me and my brother if it looks like your going to be hunted and die, then die fighting and not to be lambs to slaughter. The last thing is to learn how to live off the land and off the grid of society. If a man can build it, or grow it he will want for nothing but it take practice to make it work.

  7. Right on Nehemiah. I have been waiting for years to see “innocents betrayed”. Be careful to not go too far with anything though. I suspect that Aaron Zelman’s early, untimely, and very regrettable death was in large part a result of the anger that he put into his mission. Anger has derailed many otherwise worthy causes that a calm and peaceful spirit would not have.

  8. Nehemiah,
    Great show. I am looking into getting reacquainted with JPFO. I used to listen to one of their representatives who was a regular guest on a local talk show program. The entire program was very good. I come from the extreme opposite of Chicago. In about 1971 I can remember riding my bicycle to the outskirts of Fort Collins with my fishing pole and a .22 rifle across the handle bars. Fort Collins is no longer Mayberry, but we have a good sheriff. I carry daily. My son, 24 years now carries daily. My middle daughter will own her own pistol and have a CCW just after her 21st birthday.

    On the show you mentioned that just carrying a fire arm can stop a confrontation. One day about two years ago I was headed home after a two houw martial arts work out. On the main road into Fort Collins, there was a guy driving “road rage” style who ended up in front of me at a double lane left turn lane, As we stopped he was yelling at me in his mirror. I held my hands up palms up to indicate I did not know what was irritating him. Next thing I know, he leapt out of his car, screamed something about why wouldn’t I get out and fight him. He quickly closed the distance to my car. This guy was seeing RED, and not thinking. As he came up to my window he was yelling he was going to pull me out of my car. (There was no options to drive away between other cars and landscape.)
    As he pulled his fist back and appeared to be starting to punch at my window, I raised a 45 APC and would have used it if he had come through the window. When he saw the gun, and yes, it was aimed right between his eyes. He stopped, reversed direction and saying something like “I didn’t mean anything man….” He jumped into his car, and ran a red arrow leaving. he was gone…. I looked at the guy in the car to my right and he was clapping. The folks behind him and myself were giving me “Thumbs up” responses.

    Fort Collins is a safe community, but you never know when you need help or to help someone else.
    Nehemiah…. Thanks for a great show!!
    Fort Collins, CO

  9. Please notice members of all races (colors) have participated in genocide, not just whites. Wickeness is an equal opportunity employer Much depends on one’s view of G-d and all humankind. More Torah to the nantions.

  10. Right off the bat, I had to comment. YES!! So many of us who are either NRA members or “pro” gun aren’t gun nuts, but we know what history says. I have printed out on my office wall, all the times when governments of the world enacted gun control, then it lists the millions who were slaughtered because they couldn’t defend themselves. The left in America tries to make it all sound so nice and logical to get rid of guns. That has always been the way. There are always people who side with the (soon-to-be) murderous government and support taking guns away from their fellow citizens. How awesome that this gentleman is doing what he is. I have feared for Jews in America because so many are on the left and would never own a gun or would gladly turn them in – to their own destruction (may Yehovah forbid).

  11. Thank you Nehemia for sharing your personal journey to gun ownership. It’s a huge deal in a person’s life whenever they take on this responsibility and moral obligation to protect themselves and those around them.

  12. Please comment on Exodus 22:1-2. “If a thief caught in the act of breaking in is beaten to death, it is not murder; unless it happens after sunrise, in which case it is murder.”

    • I have learned a few things in my 70 years and one of them is that if a thief breaks into your house in day light knowing that some one is there, they are the most dangerous type of B&E criminals that are willing to do anything to the resident victim.

  13. Such a powerful message for our times and a reflection of our past. The Jewish people have repeatedly been targeted and history does repeat itself. Jews today (including those in politics) would best be served in following the example of Mordecai and Esther.

    “A copy of the edict to be issued as law in each and every province was published to all the peoples, so that the Jews would be ready for this day to avenge themselves on their enemies.”

    “In them the king granted the Jews who were in each and every city the right to assemble and to defend their lives, to destroy, to kill and to annihilate the entire army of any people or province which might attack them, including children and women, and to plunder their spoil…”

    “For the Jews there was light and gladness and joy and honor.”

    “Thus the Jews struck all their enemies with the sword, killing and destroying; and they did what they pleased to those who hated them.”

    May it be so. Shalom, Shalom

  14. I’m not opposed to gun ownership per se, but Israel is right to have the strict laws that they do. You should have to prove your competence and mental stability before you’re allowed to own one.

      • Israel doesn’t seem to have the problems the US has. I have no problem with the right to defend oneself, there are many ways to do that. I do have a problem with the right to own a gun. Mentally ill people, domestic abusers and those previously convicted of a violent offence should have no such right. I’ve known victims of domestic abuse who were put in jeopardy because the abuser had a gun. No thanks! If it’s the government you’re worried about, they will always have bigger weapons than you have including sensors that can detect guns and gold to a depth of 40 ft. There is also the problem of civil asset forfeiture; a police officer or other official can confiscate your property at will, without explanation, even if you’ve done nothing wrong. They can take everything you have and you have no recourse, contrary to popular belief. If you’re a Jewish person, make Aliyah if at all possible because Israel is the only place you’re truly safe in accord with Yehovah’s promise. Forget the USA or anyplace else.

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