Hebrew Voices #46 – Ivanka and the Religious Police

Ivanka Trump and the Religious PoliceIn Hebrew Voices, Ivanka and the Religious Police, Nehemia Gordon shares how some Jews came out against Ivanka Trump and her husband, for violating Rabbinic precepts. This type of judging and shaming is unfortunately common in many communities. Have you been a victim of the “Religious Police“?

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18 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #46 – Ivanka and the Religious Police

  1. as jesus said…..the sabbath was made for man….man was not made for the sabbath…..

    the sabbath was meant to be a BLESSING……..NOT A BURDEN….

    it is surprising that the spirit of “adding to the commandments of god” are still prevalent today….

    jesus also said….(paraphrased)….how is it that you bend over backwards keeping your own added commandments and burdens which I never said….(traditions of man, added fat)…….while you trample my own commandments…(the lean)….

    also……it is interesting to note that….the pharisees parallel another burdensome entity….

    .. this is the same thing that government also does upon it’s citizens…..by their pretentious arrogance they abuse their authority and powers by passing laws that go way beyond their authority prohibited by the declaration of independence…..which describes the spirit of liberty and free will……expecting the citizens to keep stringent laws when they dont keep them themselves…..

  2. The subject of the religious police is all too relevant as the spirit behind it has invaded our daily lives in one form or another for millennia. Every single person on the planet can give an account of the personal abuse experienced from such an oppressive and systematic form of spiritual wickedness. It is a principality that attacks our birthright to spiritual freedom. Not to mention all the true Martyrs throughout human history, who gave their lives in this life and death struggle we find ourselves.

    My only concern is that such an influential and highly charged political figure was cited to bring this subject to light. Granted, the figures involved seem very promising and I’m sure, are poised to bring about some very interesting and unprecedented changes. But, to cite Tolkien, it’s “One Ring to rule them all” it doesn’t matter who wields the Ring of Power as such power will always corrupt the wearer. So, it would be most ironic if the political figures cited actually become the new religious police.


  3. All kinds every religions got them the SJWs the feminist’s the Catholics, the baptists, the orthodox, the conservative all trying to push their own power their own wheelbarrow of issues. Torahs supposed not to hard isn’t it ?

  4. Sadly, the Pharisees are alive and well today, in Judaism by adding to the commandments, and Roman-based Christianity by taking away from them. Deuteronomy 4:2 and 12:32

    Funny how rabbis have justified their additions to shabbat about fire by focusing on the fire (spiritually inert) instead of the clear manner of violation in the instance of requiring work and distraction from the only commanded aspect of Shabbat, rest. There is no commandment against an inanimate machine doing the work, but rather for God’s creation not to work.

    It’s as if common sense no longer applies to understanding these commands and the stories teaching us the practical application. Stories in the gospels also provide such greater understanding. The actual words in Torah or the takanot of the Pharisees?

  5. The story goes something like this … There was an elderly Black man who loved Yehovah with all his heart and wanted to attend Church in order to worship. The man was in a strange town while traveling so he showed up as was his custom on Sunday morning to worship Yehovah. After walking into the Church, he quickly realized there were no other Blacks in attendance. No sooner had he noticed that he was the only Black person in the Church, he was approached by two nicely dressed White men to ask him to leave. The elderly Black man was escorted out of the Church where he found himself saddened and crying about what has just transpired. As he began to recount to himself what had just occurred, a “bat kol” broke the morning silence saying, ” Do not take it personally my son, they won’t let Me in either.”.

  6. Back in 2004, me and my husband ‘applied’ to live in a religious moshav called Mevot Yericho. The board met, and decided we were not religious enough to ‘qualify’ to live there, so we went somewhere else. It is quite a feeling of rejection, when something like this happens. I cried for days. Looking back, I am sure that Yah had something better for us, because we did qualify to live in a Sfaradi moshav near Beer Sheva. I find the Sfaradim much more forgiving than the Ashkenazim.

  7. I am sure there really is a spirit that likes to accuse the brethren day and night for not doing this well enough or that well enough, and it is mighty ugly! It is especially ugly when it accuses in matters of holiness because of the gravity of that subject, and because it winds up causing confusion in its wake. This is because people are already trying to “be good” and that spirit plays into their sense of self-questioning, undermining them at the same time ostensibly “edifying” or rebuking them – AS IF that spirit is being helpful! I can only think of one who generates such a spirit and that is the ever-cunning Evil One.

    Thanks, Nehemia and Michael, for bringing these deeds to light!

  8. Thank you and Michael Rood for this!

    It makes my heart glad to hear Nehemia elevate the words of the new testament and teachings of the great apostle Paul!

    A comment on the statue issue in churches…. from what I have heard regarding the difference between Rabbinical Jews and Keraite Jews, and the comments made by Nehemia (you) regarding Christians (and christian teaching). It would be like me saying Jews and lumping the Kerites in with the Rabbinical Jews. I am Apostolic – kind of a Kerite of the christian world. We don’t believe in idols, no statues in our churches. Which is an example of when Jesus speaking to the Pharisees, they prevent people going into churches because of statues that aren’t there?

    Luk_11:52  Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered.

  9. “What will the creatures say!?” I love that. They say what they say. Better to listen to what The Creator says. It will be a blessed, blessed day when Messiah comes and gets us all in order. So many people are out of order. But let us not be dismayed; we have truth, great love, and peace – beyond what this world presents.

  10. I really love what is written in the book of Acts 15:40. After Shaul and Bar-Nabba had their arguments, I love what the brothers did. “the brothers had committed him to the love and kindness of the Lord” when I read this, I asked Yehovah Father what would happen if we committed each other to the love and kindness of You Father.

  11. I am Shomer Tanakh or how that would be stated. I’ve been physically attacked to the point of drawing blood for observing the WRITTEN Torah by Christians and I’ve been mocked and laughed at by Messianics, too. Scripture says to work out YOUR Salvation with fear and trembling. No where does it say for me to work out ANYone else’s Salvation. I avoid both types of folks like the plague!

  12. Wow, I could write a book on the spiritual abuse that goes on in churches and I have seen it also in Messianic Synagogue. My son and I were so mistreated and abused by leadership that were so consumed by their own agendas, that anyone who questioned their teaching were accused of having demons. This kind of “demon hunt” tore my family apart and caused such harm in our lives, we are still trying to recover. I have been accused of being Jezebel, of having the spirit of anti-christ. I had one teacher come to my home and tell me to keep my mouth shut because I questioned a book she was teaching in bible study. A pastor came to my house to try and cast demons out of my son, that weren’t there. Than he turned on me. I wrote down all our experience in these congregations and what we went through over the years. I clung to Yehovah and Yeshua because He was all we had. He is helping us heal from the harm that was caused. I’ll tell you, a little leaven really does leaven the whole lump. I learned much from these experiences about what you yoke yourself to. I feel like some people are using Yehovah’s words as weapons. Like bible bullets to condemn others. It’s very sad.

    • Laurie, I do not meet with organized churches and even the Messianic Synagogue. I love Nehemiah because he has given me healing words of what the Torah, teaching the WORD OF GOD, points out what the Pharisee Police and those rabbis torment with their shaming and condemnation. It applies to the churches who came out of the Jews salvation role of the world. They take the seat of Moses and only One in my honest belief, is Jesus Christ whom Yehovah, the Blessed Name of God’s Israel, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob invested in His Beloved Son. He is the Judge to come. He lives in us in His Holy Spirit judging us today so we do not receive the judgment of this world. We are not the Holy Spirit. Yet these ones think they are. It is ashamed that these unloving religious dogs use Yehovah’s words as weapons. I have experienced throughout my life and believe I am on the mark walking as a disciple of Jesus, cast out, downtrodden, crucified, blasted, spit upon, considered an outcast just because of my relationship with the God of Israel. I am like you, Laurie, I have learned a lot and only draws me closer in my walk with Jehovah, our heavenly Father. Jesus on the earth told those Pharisees He had a lot to say in judging them, but that was not why He came the first time. I love the God of Israel and being a Christ Follower, went to a Messianic Synagogue because I love the Hebrew language and the Jews as well as others who claim Christ as their Meshiach. But the lead Rabbi was pointing me out in the assembly without naming me for being a Gentile seductress because he was attracted to Christ in me, the hope of glory, just because I am looking for Christ to appear to us in revealing His Person, Work and Glorification through His Torah. Is it my fault they are dead in works and actions? That shows you how full of darkness they are and full of incest with their man made religion. I WILL NEVER EVER SET FOOT IN THAT CORRUPT MESSIANIC SYNAGOGUE AGAIN! Laurie, I am your kindred spiritual sister in the flesh living on this earth and I pray daily for God to send His Messiah soon to bring in the reign and glory of Jerusalem, Israel. Maranatha!Come Lord Jesus! That is the only way to clear up these corrupt so-called leaders who appoint themselves as elders, pope, priests, rabbis, etc. Amen! May it be TODAY!

      • Cecille, I would just like to add how much I appreciate your encouraging words. I have read them a couple of times over. No one can understand unless they have gone through it. Yehovah bless you.

  13. Why, oh why does it appear to be so difficult for people to simply mind THEIR own business, and work out THEIR own salvation with fear and trembling?

    • Dear Barbara , when I read your post I said are you kidding me, but then I guess we should all still be asking YHVH for miracles!

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