Hebrew Voices #88 – A Geneticist’s Perspective on the Tree of Life

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, A Geneticist's Perspective on the Tree of Life, Nehemia Gordon talks with Dawn Irion who studied genetics research and went from believing in evolution to creation science, about her perspective on the Tree of Life.

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Verses Mentioned
Ezekiel 47:12
Revelation 22:2

10 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #88 – A Geneticist’s Perspective on the Tree of Life

  1. When the day Adam eat the forbidden fruit he died as he didn’t begin to die when he lost access to the tree of life, even if he didn’t eat the fruit from the tree of life he didn’t die. When we understand the day Adam eat of the forbidden fruit he didn’t die then that’s contrary to the Genesis 2:17.

    Thus, Adam died the same day, however the day of God says that Adam lived 930 years. It’s unfortunate scholars failed to understand the fundamental fact in it.

    When the day Adam eat of the forbidden fruit he died and that’s his Spirit as the breadth of life breated by God into the nostrils of Adam was departed from his physical body, thus he died as this is corresponds to the reality, if anybody died then his Spirit departed from his physical body and that’s how we determine someone died, the same was happened to Adam.

    Now, the question is hos did he live 930 years? he 930 years b/c of the Evil Spirit rooted from the fruit of the knowledge of the Good and Evil arrived into his physical body as these two incidents happened in a fraction of time or without a gap of time. Therefore, Adam lived 930 years as a sinner who is dead in the sight of God.

  2. Nehemia
    Once again you have brought to my husband David and I another interview that provokes the mind and spirit. We feel such joy in the interviews, your journey and that you are willing to share that journey into a deeper understanding of the Bible from a Hebrew perspective. You have blessed us with your sharing the past 1 1/2 years.

    So many of us are being called out of the church and Messianic congregations hungering for truth and deep study of the scriptures from a Hebrew perspective without the rabbinic traditions. We were called out 17 years ago. We, like so many, do not have a community close by to study with. When hearing people like Dawn share, It helps us to know we are not alone.

    Thank you Dawn for sharing briefly your journey! There are many Creation Science books out there that give evidences of Yehovah’s perfect designs. ‘Censored Science’ & ‘Have You Considered’ by Bruce Malone and ‘A Closer Look at the Evidence’ by Richard & Tina Kleiss are all collections from several science fields and authors that we highly recommend, though each share a bit from a Christian perspective. Shalom

  3. Hello Scott,
    Why would it be “absurd to conclude the tree of “life” could have “died” ” ? Why would that be any more or less absurd than the entire rest of the creation, which we accept as miraculous?

  4. Thank you for always posting thought provoking videos.
    The Table we have available to us is stunning, luxurious and never fails to satisfy.
    I do love that the Words are Life Bringers, Life changers and always leave us desiring more.
    Psalm 103: He fills my mouth with “good” so that my Youth is renewed like the eagles…The Fountain of Youth …Praise and Adoration.

  5. A Genetics Perspective on the Tree of Life

    The garden of Eden: Adam and Eve had not eaten of the fruit of the tree of life , neither does it mention of any leaves for the maintenance of their physical bodies. In fact they need not have died , despite the lack of such information, as the penalty of death does not depend on such!

    The penalty of death dependency had been “Do Not eat of the tree in the midst of the garden” This eating of this fruit brought them death! Would it be inconceivable to think that somethings had changed in the D N A of their body to bring about the eventual death of their physical body by eating this fruit ??

    Hence therefore the need for redemption ? Would this redemption then not include a Redeemer and as such not so much on a reliance on leaves for redemption, but rather on the person ?

    If it is so easy to redeem the physical body to eternal life, why would Isaac have not been able to be the one to bring the healing to his descendants? In those days the law had not been given as a binding contract…

    All it would take now is to do away with the law’s of Yehovah?

    There seems to be a breach (in my way of working things out), and this breach can only be healed by a Redeemer who has/had the power to overcome that which has been breached.

    The gift of eternal life seems to entail more than the sustaining of the physical body to an eternal state of being, as it had been for Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, but rather the taking of the fruit of the tree of life, which seems to include more than just that…

  6. Thank you for this program!! I loved hearing Dawn’s perspective on the tree, such a cool way to look at it! And I really appreciated Dawn’s story — I’d love to hear more about her and her insights into Creation Science! As a Pd.D. physicist who quit academia to be a mother and then was called by Yehovah to follow Torah and also get super interested in Creation Science and feel like I understand the universe and science way more NOW than when I was in school … I was like, “Wow! Dawn! You too?? How many of us are there??” Yehovah is doing such cool things right now and weaving together a beautiful pattern!

  7. That one would need to continue eating from the tree of life to sustain eternal life is an interesting theory. There are those parallels to observing Torah whereby one needs to continue in obedience as Nehemiah says, but there are also parallels to once-and-done. Yeshua spoke of “living water” to the woman at the well. Once one drinks of this water, it becomes in a person “a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.” John 4:14 Here, the life sustaining force appears to be perpetual! I would lean toward believing the effect of eating from the tree of life is similarly perpetual.
    The question that really intrigues me is this: Since it would be absurd to conclude the tree of “life” could have “died”, one has to ask, what ever happened to it? If Yehovah took it to heaven, then one must ask: If taking the tree of life to heaven had been an option, why didn’t Yehovah take it to heaven in the first place to keep it out of Adam’s reach? Why go through all the trouble of stationing Seraphim and a blazing sword to block Adam’s access to it? This line of logic compels me to conclude the tree of life had to stay on earth for a very important reason. Too much to get into here, but Yeshua clearly indicated that the tree of life and the “Garden of God”, (Eden) were still here somewhere!!! He said; “To him who overcomes I will give to eat from the tree of life, which is in the midst of the Garden of God.” Revelation 2:7 The Greek word translated “garden” in the NAB is accurate. See Ezekiel 28:13 for proof that Eden is the Garden of God!

  8. Yes, as evolution is generally and specifically understood/believed, Dawn is correct–it is impossible. (TY Dawn.) Nehemia’s “irreducible complexity” is a key concept in Creation understanding. I agree with the on-going nature of Torah observance–Tree of Life–as discussed.

    However, Revelation 22 is the same content in Ezekiel 47, as in the same time frame of Messiah’s Kingdom. Dawn understandably conveys the popular perspective about Rev. 22 being after all things (i.e., Messiah’s Kingdom, Judgment Day). I too held that perspective until continued OT-NT comparisons of similar End-of-Days content convinced me (and others) that Rev. 22 is best understood as being the Kingdom of Heaven/God on earth which is Messiah’s Kingdom. That is, Rev. 21-22/Ezk 47 starts Messiah’s Kingdom.

    To help one understand that perceptive–how Rev. 21-22/Ezk.47 is not after the millennial reign of Messiah but rather starts and continues during it–consider Genesis ch. 1 and ch. 2 (often used to discredit Moses’s writings about the beginning, due to a different order of events between the two chapters). There’s no contraction. A person should understand how the view changes between ch. 1 and 2. Ch.1 is ‘everything’ over Days 1-6 like a general overview. Then follows Ch. 2 detailing Day 6 in the Garden particularly, thus a different order of events in the Garden’s detail ‘different’ from the Creation overview (ch. 1). Thus, Ch.1 is overview…the big picture, and ch 2. is a smaller, detailed view of the Garden–all in six days as written. Thus, there’s no problem for YeHoVaH to renovate the destroyed earth still to occur (after 2018) and to begin Messiah’s Kingdom.

    Now consider Revelation’s 20 (as Gen. 1-overview) and 21-22 (as Gen. 2-detail). As for Rev. 21-22 being nothing different than the Prophets of Old: Compare it to Isa. 60, Zech. 14, Isa. 2 (and Rev. 21:7 w/ Ezk. 44:9, Isa 52:1). Many more passages will be noticed along the way. It’s going to be GREAT!

    • Thanks for commenting Aron. You could very well be right and it would also explain how we can live for 1000 years during the millennium.

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