Freedom of Faith Silver Round

Makor Hebrew Foundation is excited to offer this Freedom of Faith Silver Round. The front of this round is based on a historic coin minted in the Netherlands in 1574, which glorified Yehovah's name while proclaiming religious freedom for all!

The front of this beautiful 1 troy ounce silver round, is based on an historic coin minted in the Netherlands in 1574. It has the name Yehovah in Hebrew (יהוה) surrounded by a cloud, with light shining forth. This represents the Kevod Yehovah or the “Glory of Yehovah” based on such verses as “the glory of Yehovah appeared in the cloud” (Exod 16:10) and “as the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud in the day of rain, so was the appearance of … the glory of Yehovah” (Ezek 1:28). The outer edges contain a Latin inscription based on Psalm 118:23; Matthew 21:42; Mark 12:11, which further glorifies Yehovah.

On the back of the silver round, is featured Psalm 118:23 in both Hebrew and English:
.מֵאֵת יְהֹוָה הָיְתָה זֹּאת הִיא נִפְלָאת בְּעֵינֵינוּ
This was from Yehovah and it is a miracle in our eyes.
Donate $125 (USD) to Makor Hebrew Foundation via the orange button above, to order your 1 troy ounce “Freedom of Faith” silver round! The “Freedom of Faith” silver round is a powerful witnessing tool and a meaningful way to Support Nehemia's research, so please consider also getting some for friends.

The original coin was minted during the Dutch War of Independence in order to proclaim, “Freedom of Faith”. The Netherlands (Holland) was the first country in Europe to guarantee such freedom and it quickly became a haven for countless Jews and Protestants fleeing persecution. Included among the people of faith who found a haven in the new Dutch Republic were the English “Pilgrims” who would eventually travel across the Atlantic on the Mayflower in 1620 and establish the Plymouth Colony.

At the time this coin was minted, the Netherlands had been ruled by Catholic Spain, which viciously persecuted its Protestant subjects. This led to a lengthy war for freedom from 1568 to 1648. When the coin was minted early in the war, Spain still had an iron grip over the Netherlands, so the proclamation of “Freedom of Faith” expressed the future intent of the Dutch rather than a political reality. Its main function was to remind the beleaguered rebels what they were fighting for: freedom to worship Yehovah based on their own conscience. Later this would be the inspiration for the First Amendment to the US constitution, which decreed: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. Numerous modern nations have followed suit, so that billions of people all over the world enjoy the God-given right to practice their faith today without hindrance from man-made governments.

What a profound testimony, that the modern origins of Freedom of Faith bear the holy name of Yehovah in the original Hebrew!

Donate $125 (USD) to Makor Hebrew Foundation via the orange button above, to order your 1 troy ounce “Freedom of Faith” silver round! The “Freedom of Faith” silver round is a powerful witnessing tool and a meaningful way to Support Nehemia's research, so please consider also getting some for friends.

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  • Nicolas Orlando says:

    The name of the Messiah is Yahshua, not Yeshua or Jesus. The messiah has only one name and his name means Yahweh is salvation. He comes in his father’s name. The name you are using is corrupt!

    • Lee Rivera says:

      Blessings Nicolas Orlando, I used to think like you, but then soon found the truth. I started to make my own research and found this 2 men of god, Nehemiah Gordon and Michael Rood with excellent backgrounds in Aramaic, architecture, and chronological calendar with evidence impossible to be denied. I was mislead because I was believing in people who call them selves experts on Hebrew studies and then soon learned that they learned Hebrew from non Hebrew teachers and that’s makes the difference. I know that there are very capable non Hebrew teachers, but for me no one better to teach Hebrew and Proto-Hebrew than a natural Hebrew or a natural Hebrew Jew. It is a very complex language. I encourage you to keep looking for the truth, Have a great day and peace.

    • David Johnson says:

      I’m assuming then that you think Joshua’s name was Yahoshua

  • Melinda Wriston says:

    I purchased two of these exquisite rounds. One for a Jewish friend who does not know Yahovah intimately. In hope that one day that will change. I wear mine with such great joy. I get many inquiries about it’s origin. I only wish there were an insert included. As I sometimes fumble for the right words to explain the coin, when given only moments to respond. Nehemia Gordon I am not lol. I plan to purchase three more for my grown children. Thank you Nehemia for this lovely tangible, piece. Expressing our inherent right to worship our Creator in freedom.
    Many thanks to Devorah…who was kind enough to ship to separate addresses. Shalom

  • Mik says:

    Arrived in N.E Scotland after going via Tokyo (less than 16 days, awesome), His name has spanned the globe, Nice coin, i hope my daughter likes her new heirloom…if not..where can i spend it, lol, many thanks to Nehemia & the crew, may your beards grow long and grey

  • Eliyah Ben Yisrael says:

    I have the first coin and this one as well. VERY BEAUTIFUL COINS!!! Shalom…

    • Mary Brazeau says:

      What was the first coin & can we still get it ?

      • daniel says:

        That was a Danish King Christian IV 1640 silver round with YeHoVaH (full vowels) – would also like more of those myself, but haven’t seen them mentioned for a while. Maybe more will be minted??? Hint – Hint!

  • Denise Narmore says:

    Just to be clear this is an investment coin not just commemorative, correct?

  • Rajesh says:

    Thank you for ur support and God bless you

  • Tatiana Toretti says:

    I just got my coin. It is so beautiful! It is truly priceless.

    תודה רבה

  • Veli Pekka Nousiainen says:

    I just ordered one just to remind me of our Creator and His Name: JHVH

  • Michael Mauro says:

    I got the coins today and they look great! Nicely polished and are in a nice presentation box and are already in a protective hard plastic case. These are more impressive than the images Nehemia has shown. I got several for gifts. You won’t be disappointed.
    Thank you Nehemia! It was a great idea.

  • Yardley Zuniga says:

    Nehemia, what is the difference, or most properly expressed,

    Which Hebrew characters/letters best reflects the tetragram and vowels from the manuscripts to the digitalized Hebrew characters?

    • Yardley Zuniga says:

      I was trying to bold the וָֹ and differentiate it with הֹ

      So, for what reason is it more supportable to maintain
      יְהֹוָה rather than יְהוָֹה was really my original question’s intent.
      Thank you.

      and may the name of Yehovah be sanctified throughout earth

      • daniel says:

        that first one looks more correct to my eye – with holam over first Hey, but I always see it printed the 2nd way, or at least the holam between 1st Hey and Vav. But I’m no expert.

        • Yardley Zuniga says:

          In case my previous reply does not get posted…
          I see the Holem much more often over the Vav in the manuscripts rather than over the Hey where Nehemia has manuscripts displayed in his Facebook profile picture album ‘Yehovah’.

  • John Buettner says:

    We need Medical Freedom of Faith silver round!!! Quoting healing herbs in Ezekial verse with Yehovah!! He brings life and death!! Not corrupt medical malarkey!

  • David M Johnson says:

    I do not mean to be overly critical, but I do not understand the use of the English word “miracle”. Wouldn’t the word “marvelous” be correct based on the scriptures referred to?
    Help me understand the choice of “miracle”

    • Robert Bates says:

      Yes, I believe marvelous is the “probably” the more correct interpretation. Both the ISR and OJB bibles use the word “marvelous”. Are there other places where the root Hebrew word is translated miracle? This is don’t know? I still thank Nehemia for this coin and the previous one he had minted. THANK YOU

  • Susan Lein says:

    May we also pursue the goal of protecting, keeping and claiming the freedom in America to pursue the ways of Yehovah! Thank you for producing this coin at this time — it is a beautiful encouragement!

  • yehovahlovestimothy says:

    Thank you, Nehemia, for your courage and faith to boldly proclaim YEHOVAH’s NAME (Exodus 9:16, Roman’s 9:17), and to share what you’ve discovered and learned with believers and followers of Yehoshua as well as any who seek TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS and SHALOM and LOVE/CHESED, in this life and world and the life and world that comes after this one. Blessings and shalom and Light from Yehovah’s face to yours.