Thanksgiving to Yehovah

In this Thanksgiving Raw Stream of Torah Consciousness, I share about my journey from wallowing in my own misery, to being thankful every day for the gifts that Yehovah has given me. In the study, I explore the complex and expressive root for “thanks”—yod-dalet-hay—and the profound changes … Continue reading

My U-Haul Sukkot

One of my earliest childhood memories was Sukkot of 1976, when I was 3.5 years old. I remember sitting in the family Sukkah, looking up through the branches that formed the roof, at the clouds as they whisked across the sky. We lived in a 17-story condominium and there was no obvious place to build … Continue reading

The Yom Kippur Jazz Singer

One Yom Kippur I watched a great movie, the original 1927 film The Jazz Singer. This was the first "talkie," containing several scenes with sound, although most of it was still silent. The second “talking” scene in the movie - actually, the second non-silent scene in movie history - features a … Continue reading