Hebrew Voices #56 – The Battle for the Six-Day War (Rebroadcast)

Michael Oren discussing the Six-Day War on Hebrew Voices with Nehemia Gordon.In this episode of Hebrew Voices, The Battle for the Six Day War, Nehemia Gordon speaks with Michael Oren, the greatest living historian of modern Israel, to learn about the Six-Day War, the fight against Fake News, his adventures in the Zionist Underground, and how President Obama helped laid the foundations of a new Iranian empire. Michael Oren is an important member of the Israeli government who also holds a PhD in history from Princeton University.

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I will rejoice in doing them good and will assuredly plant them in this land with all my heart and soul." [NIV] (Jeremiah 32:41)

Michael Oren's Books
Six Days of War (New York Times Bestseller)
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24 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #56 – The Battle for the Six-Day War (Rebroadcast)

  1. Fascinating interview! Wow, what a life you’ve lived Michael! Thanks for all this unbiased info! They say wisdom comes with age, but so does gray hair! I heard from ancient Chinese wisdom that little black beans will bring back the colour to your hair. So I prayed to God to restore the colour to my hair and I began eating little black beans. And hey, what can I say,… It’s working for me, now if it would just stop falling out… GOD Bless You Guys!

  2. Liberty incident. It’s very interesting about ‘truth’. It doesn’t need anyone to agree with it. No matter any evidence to the contrary, truth is ‘watching the actual event’, then afterwards listening to all the incorrect rhetoric. God will show everyone the video and then wait for corrections ……….. no one will say a word.

    Lyndon Johnson wanted the Liberty sunk. Johnson wanted a reason to declare war on Egypt. The Israeli pilots turned back twice, before they were told that if they came back without attacking the Liberty, they would be shot down. I do have to congratulate the Israeli pilots however. With all the shooting, they succeeded in not sinking the Liberty. Thank you, pilots. No one may never know …… but God knows and He will vindicate you.

  3. I wouldn’t say that pulling back from being expansionist (empire building) should be accused of being isolationist. (speaking of the U.S. pulling back from Obama’s policies)

  4. I continue to suspect that the 2300 days in Daniel 8 point to the 1967 war. The 2300 day period seems to commence at the start of the vision where the he goat attacks the ram, which would corresponds to the Battle of the Granicus where Alexander attacked Persia in “May” 334 BCE. And the 2300 day period ends when the sanctuary and host are no longer trodden under foot. Add 2300 years to 334 BCE and you come to 1967. The ancient sources say the battle was fought in the month of Decius, which actually may have extended into June. So it could be that there were exactly 2300 years between Granicus and the Six Day war.

    Israel’s victory in the Six Day War seems have been made possible by an actual miracle. The war began when Israeli jets took off heading for the Egyptian airfields which were bristling with Soviet-supplied air defenses. These were very effective weapons. The North Vietnamese had them during the Vietnam War, and they took quite a toll on US aircraft. But just as the Israeli jets were launching, the Egyptian defense minister decided to make an air inspection of the battlefield and he gave the order to turn off all of Egypt’s air defenses to avoid being shot down by his own forces. So the Israeli planes arrived at airfields that were undefended and were able to destroy the Egyptian air force. In the desert it is very difficult to conceal troops and tanks. You must have some way to defend them. So when the Egyptians lost their air force, they were done. Israeli jets could and did attack the Egyptian army at will and there was nothing they could do about it.

    So yes, the 1967 Israeli victory was made possible by the superb planning, intensive preparation, dedication and courage of the IDF. But if the Israeli air force had taken heavy losses and failed to completely destroy the Egyptian air fields, these might not have been enough. The war could have gone very differently. But it was as if an invisible hand reached down from heaven and switched off the Egyptian defenses.

    It’s funny that Moshe Dayan’s name seems to reflect his place in history. Moshe is the name of the Hebrew leader that we refer to as Moses. Dayan means “judge”. And Moshe Dayan brought down a heap of judgement on Egypt (with help from YHVH) just as Moses did.

    It is also funny that the Gamal Nasser’s name sounds a lot like “nesher” which is the Hebrew word for “eagle”. And the eagle has been the traditional ensign of the enemies of Israel. There are lots of photographs of Nasser speaking in front of an image of large eagle that seems to bear a faint resemblance to Nasser himself. But in June 1967, the eagle’s wings were clipped and he went hopping back to his nest like a chicken.

    In that same vein, it is also curious that in Daniel 5:28, PERES is interpreted to mean “Thy kingdom is divided.” And Shimon Peres was one of the architects of the Oslo accords that attempted to divide Israel in exchange for peace.

  5. This is the BEST Hebrew Voices! Have listened 4x and I learn something each time. Chock full of inspiring HISTORY!

  6. Thank you. This was like a history class I wish I’d attended. I took 3 pages of notes like a student, and will listen again to improve my notes and understanding. I’m so glad I live in a world where Nehemia Gordon and Michael Oren are on the same side I am.

  7. Nehemia, this needs to be broadcasted to the whole nation; put it on Twitter as #RealNews4You! I have learned so much from this interview that I was unaware of; thank you for re-broadcasting this. It would be very interesting to see what Mr. Oren would add to his comments now in 2018! I am going to buy his books.

  8. Thank you Nehemiah for that wonderful rebroadcast interview with Michael Oren. I enjoyed it except for the Israel motto that Mr Oren was working on. I am shocked that it is inclusive of LGBT rights. It is an Abomination.

    Israel, the covenant people of Yehovah are called to be a light to all nations. They will teach us about Yehovah and his precepts, statutes and judgments.

    The six day war is truly a testimony that Yehovah is with Israel. When I heard the interview the first time it reminded me of all of Israel’s victories in the Tanakh.

    It is my personal opinion that, Israel should try to be politically correct or try to be diplomatic on issues that are in direct violation of Yehovah’s Torah. Yehovah is with Israel and Israel should shema and not compromise.

    All Glory be to Yehovah, Elohim of Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov


  9. or put this another way
    Britain liberated the middle east from Ottoman rule on rabbi Judah ben Samuel’s G_d given timetable.
    Britain [arguably Ephraim and Manasseh] = Brit. Ish = Covenant Man

    the Six Day War falls on Judah ben Samuel’s G_d given timeline.

    The Six Day War happens in that year after the Feast of First Fruits and thus the numbered year does not include the consecration Wave Offering. The first full and complete year then of Israel in Jerusalem is actually numbered from the spring of 1968.

    Hence this coming Shavuot for 2018 is the Jubilee of Jerusalem and also falls inside of Judah ben Samuel’s G_d given time line.

    For this reason I suspect YHVH will release the captive from mortality.

    Resolving Leviticus 23 and Deuteronomy 16. The shavuot count begins, IMHO, June 24.
    Josephus said the sun would be in Aries for passover.
    This means last year required ADAR II. Remember the precession of the Earth has been pulling the equinoxes forward against the Mazzaroth in the sky.

    For every year of the last 49 Israel did not celebrate Shmitah it seems they will now be required to ……… Thus Daniel’s Seventieth Week looks set for…. Yom Kippur 2018

    this seems to be the storm of biblical proportions. The day count, where everyday counts, begins three days into Summer.

    This Year Jerusalem, in Shamayim.

  10. The USA faces an existential threat every day of the week.
    Multiculturalism is the evisceration of the Nation’s actual history.

    Multiculturalism is the destruction of Christendom. It seems designed to do that. Very cleverly projected.

    Is Jesus the Jewish Messiah? It is the existential question facing the USA.

    ps. If Moshe Dayan had have taken the Temple Mount you wouldn’t be facing the problems you are today. Magnanimity in victory was a mistake. Like unto King Saul’s. Multiculturalism didn’t work well for Saul, the anointed King of Israel.

  11. Wonderful interview, Mr Nehemiah, Mr Oren obviously is quite a man. Only thing I disagree on is the incident with USS Liberty. I’m no pro but have done a bit of investigating on it. Not going to bother with sources because I can’t imagine you caring enough to investigate it but all the info I got I will confess I got online. No doubt in my mind Pres Johnson requested it, wanted no survivors, would have blamed it on Egypt and we would have attacked. Whatever the scenario, it wasn’t an accident. He has to stick with the official narrative but that doesn’t take away his brilliance on everything else and I definitely learned from it. Will get his book.

  12. I enjoyed Michael Oren’s discussion, except for the motto for Israel at the end. I must ask, is not sanctioning/condoning of the LGBT community/lifestyle, not in direct violation of the Torah? While I freely admit it is not my place to be judgmental, and these lifestyles have existed since the dawn of time, is it not an ABOMINATION in Hashem’s eyes for the government to approve/legalize these perverted behaviors? Can the Jews be a people holy to Hashem if their leaders are going to accept unholy lifestyles that He opposes, and NOT purge evil from the midst of them? Is it not this type of stubborn rebellion against His ways, not the very reason “why” Hashem turned His back on the generations of old?

    • My sentiments exactly. Israel should not be like other nations and should not apologise for sticking to the tenets as spelled out in the Torah.

  13. Interesting, second listen… Now the unacknowledgeable elephant AND gorilla in the room. Israel (and of course by extension all other nations) cannot be permanent without alliance with YHWH. All of the other temporal alliances and battles are mere window dressing compared to that reality.

  14. Ok, this was very informative, however I cannot help thinking of a wise old proverb, “the more things change the more they remain the same”. Israel’s continuing reliance on the superpower of the day is an exercise in futility, regardless of how beneficial it may seem. Isa 31:1 “Woe to those who go down to Egypt for help and who rely on horses; they trust in chariots because the are many and in horsemen because the are very strong, and they did not turn to the Holy One of Israel and did not seek out yehovah. Isa 31:3 “Egypt is a man and not God,and their horses are flesh and not of spirit; and yehovah will stretch out his hand and the helper will stumble and he will fall the one helped, and they will perish all of them together”.

  15. In answer to what we as Americans can do… we can pray for peace for Israel, pray for wisdom and Truth to be made known and for Israeli’s to receive the Truth… Trusting Yehovah enough to speak His name!

  16. What is israel? It is the one more chance, in mercy, for the Jewish people to get the covenant with YHWH right! The “rights” of the “alphabet soup” community are a step away from that happy resolution to the sad years of the exile. They have the right, as do all others, to seek Yah with all their heart, in repentance to justice, mercy, and humility. Glad you are back israel; please think sustainability.

  17. So, so, so good, Nehemia, thanks!!! Full of revelation, missing facts and better understanding of history and the current situation. listening again, and likely again….

  18. Isa 2:3-4 …For out of Zion shall go the law, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem. He shall judge between the nations, and shall decide disputes for many peoples; and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.

    Until that glorious day leaders of nations better study war for without that understanding their entire people, nation and, their very history is at risk from others who covet their land and treasure. At the core of that understanding is the knowledge of the history of war.

    Thank you for bringing us this interview. It is one that I will listen to over and over again. Especially interesting is the US Liberty account. I have former shipmates who are still raw about this episode. Until now I had no way of explaining it.

    I will also share it on Facebook. This is information that everyone should hear. Whether they will listen to it or believe what they hear is another matter.

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