Hebrew Voices #61 – 1,000 Manuscripts with Yehovah

1000 Manuscripts with YehovahIn this special episode of Hebrew Voices, 1,000 Manuscripts with Yehovah, Nehemia Gordon celebrates the incredible milestone of finding God's holy name with full vowels in over 1,000 Hebrew Bible manuscripts. Nehemia speaks with some of his team scouring Bible manuscripts in libraries around the world, as well as some of the people who have been key in spreading this vital information to Israel and the Nations. He also shares the exciting project he has planned next.

My thanks to all those who support my ministry and make it possible for me to do this important research! Thanks also to T-Bone, Dawn Irion, Chris Clark, Adam Kinghorn, and all the other volunteers scouring the libraries of the world looking for Yehovah's holy name in Hebrew Bible manuscripts!

I look forward to reading your comments!

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Thank you for supporting my research and teachings through my nonprofit, Makor Hebrew Foundation. Together we are empowering people around the world with vital information about the Hebrew sources of their faith!

Verses Mentioned:
Dt 18:5
Psalm 148:11-13
Jeremiah 16:19-21
Isaiah 56
Zephaniah 3:9
Ex 34:6-7
Ex 9:16
Isaiah 12:4
Psalm 29:2
Jeremiah 20:9
Isaiah 52:6

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71 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #61 – 1,000 Manuscripts with Yehovah

  1. Where on earth are people getting that Jehovah’s witnesses say that they pronounce God’s name as Yahweh? I have been one for 23 yrs. and I have never heard that! Ok, so maybe no one on this site wants to be associated with us, that is fine, but for Pete’s sake, are you really gonna say that Jehovah’s witnesses don’t deserve some credit for getting that right when it’s right there in our name? You might want to ask yourself what else we might be right about. For all the Jewish people of faith, we know there is only one God unlike other Christian denominations that believe that Jesus is God, we do not celebrate the holidays that other Christians celebrate because of their pagan origins. We do believe Jesus was the messiah and God’s only begotten son and that because of his shed blood, we can ask for forgiveness of our sins. Please look at the scriptures in Isaiah about the messiah, why does it say that his kingdom would be set up on Mount Zion, but just prior to it, he would be struck down and cut off from the land of the living. I beg that you all search the scriptures and I pray for us all, he is coming soon.

  2. My name is Michael Peters I am one of JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES educated at the Hebrew University Baltimore Maryland . Thank you Mr Gordon for shining such a glorious light on the name of our Father the Creator of the Universe. And you right his name is, YEHOVAH.

  3. Thank you to bring the truth, all those love and worship the true God Jehovah got more courage and determinariam to proclam the good news of the Kingdom. Thank you very much.

  4. Jehovah’s Witnesses have long been teaching the true name of God to people from more than 230 countries in the most extensive house-to-house worldwide preaching campaign. (Acts 1: 8, 20:20). We are an organized people to carry the name of God Jehovah and be their witnesses worldwide. (Isaiah 43:10, Acts 15:14). Thank you Nehemia for giving us reason through your studies and discoveries.

  5. The use of the name Yahweh with Jehovah’s Witnesses is only used as a history study tool if somebody asked them outright, because that is the current information at hand, before Nehemia and his team found the divine name. Jehovah’s Witnesses would say: “we know that name to be as far as it has been translated by many as Yahweh.” However, they are not encouraged to use the name outright to describe their God because of what maybe mistranslated. They never encourage their students also to use the name Yahweh for fear it is profaned, and they might be serving another god. Instead they are to use the name that is most commonly known by people today as: Jehovah. It wont be too long before they find the GREAT discovery from Nehemia, and thank him, for finding the true name of God in its Hebrew form to which they have been using for along time, in the face of ridicule. After all, how else did the nations know about Jehovah, a God that they never knew existed? By a global preaching work which started in the 1800’s. And I have a feeling, that with 8 million people in over 235 Lands, the whole world will know that the true God is Yehovah, the Aleph and the Tav, the Elohim, and the Shaddai. Amen. Thank you Nehemia.

  6. When is the appropriate date of the first vowel points. And in the name of the printed manuscript and also other manuscripts by name

    • In my enthusiasm I would have like to ask the approximate and oldest date of the vowel pointing as found. please forgive my mistake.

  7. Nehemia,
    Thanks for pursuing your passion to get to this point. I am so glad you have your answer. Further, thanks for including those other folks to share in the work. You have brought in others to help, thus expanding and sharing that blessing. Thanks for all involved. What a great step in proclaiming the name of God to and throughout the world. I hope you are planning a revision to the book, or better, a second book or update because this is really cool. This is really, really important. Thanks for your hard work.
    How has the rabbinic community received your argument? Not that you need it, but their recognition of your work will bring healing to part of the Jewish community.
    Count me in on future direction if I can help. (beyond just monitory support)

  8. Why is a there a diamond shaped symbol (?revia) above His name in the Leningrad Codex on some websites? Is it because these websites have pulled the text from the original and ‘hidden’ “the mistake that got it right”?
    (copying and pasting makes it appear as a holem) יְהוָ֗ה

  9. We don’t shout ‘Alleluye’, but we shout ‘AlleluYAH’ which means ‘praise you YAHWEH’. We can also see the Creator’s sacred name in names like ZechariYAH, ZephaniYAH, EliYAH (Elijah), NetanYAHU etc. I have spoken with some Jehovah’s witnesses and they admitted that the correct pronunciation is YAHWEH while the savior’s name is Yahshua.


    • Someone is not paying attention to the Hebrew writings when they say that. If the Gentile scholars separate themselves from the Hebrew language and the godly Hebrew people, they are bound to get led somewhat astray because we Gentiles simply do not have all the facts.. That is why I am thankful that Israel is coming to the forefront, and the ones in her who love Yehovah are beginning to bring us back to the full truth.

    • I do not know which kind of Jehovah’s Witness you talked to (as i am a Jehovah’s Witness too). A Witness saying that God’s name real pronunciation is not Yehovah is like a mormon telling you that Joseph Smith never existed. God’s name is Yehovah. Yahweh is false and incorrect. Yah is the contracted form for Yehovah. ‘Yeho’ appears in many hebrew first names : Yehoshua (Jesus), Yehoshaphat, Yehoyachin, Yehoyada, Yehonadav, Yehonatan, etc.
      The savior’s name is not Yahshua but Yeshua, the contracted form for ‘Yehoshua’ (which is my first name). That’s why you pronounce ‘Jesus’ in english and not ‘Jasus’.

      • I totally disagree with you here brother, I have 6 semesters in Biblical Hebrew 1 in Aramaic and 1 in Ugaratic and a full course study in the Land of Israel and NO ONE from Israel or trained Biblical scholar other than Jehovah’s Witnesses are interpreting Gods names translations that way. Its a personal issue with Jehovah’s witness, first and foremost there is no J in the Hebrew alphabet it must be transliterated if you do that, so that messes up your argument from start no Hebrew name starts with a J.

          • Nehemia, at the time of this publication, the information was official by the scholars. The book Insight on the Scriptures was published in 1991, if I am not wrong.
            I expect an update of this information soon based on your discovery.

          • True. Jehovah’s Witnesses basing us on the information available before you brought those Hebrew manuscripts to light with the divine name and its full vowels, we said that the correct pronunciation was unknown, which was true at that time. However, we have always used and taught throughout the inhabited earth the pronunciation of Jehovah as the true name of God, and we have carried that name with pride and endured all the criticisms that said it was an incorrect pronunciation.

          • Hi Nehemia
            I am Jehovah’s Witness and I greatly appreciate the work you do in order to demonstrate what the true pronunciation of the Divine name is. It is true that, before the discoveries that you have made, there was great uncertainty as to the true pronunciation of the divine name. However, the Jehovah’s Witnesses have continued to use the Jehovah form, which you show correct, from the very beginning of our organization. It is difficult to find another Organization on Earth that emphasizes the preaching and sanctification of the name of Jehovah. One fact that I would like to highlight is that, while other “Christian” religions eliminated the Name of God, even from the Old Testament, the New World Translation included the Divine name in the New Testament. One fact that I would like to share with you is that this translation included the name of God, Jehovah, in Luke 1.6 before you brought to light the Hebrew manuscript of Luke. That shows a great respect for the Divine name, even when, in the light of the evidence of that time, it was believed that the original pronunciation was lost.

            Again, thank you for your determination to help others verify that the name of our dear God is Yehova. May God bless you for it and attract you to His truth.

      • I also talked with a Jehovah Witness elder and hes said the same thing. Jehovah comes originate from latin. Yehovah originates from he Hebrew.

        • Thanks and Praise to Our Holy Abba In Shamayim first and always.

          Thank you for your Obedience to the Holy Spirit. was Lead to Find the episode of Shabbot Night Live on YouTube.

          but truly, We must not be divided. if in latin i say 2 and 2 in english, aren’t i saying 2. We must keep our Focus on the Holy Abba and not how wrong our Brother or Sister is. Recently i’ve come across HaShem which means The Name. The Word in Revelation 19:12 “And his eyes were like flames of fire, and many diadems were upon his head and he had The Name written, which no one knew but he alone.” To me The Holy Spirit is saying the same thing i tell my kids sometimes when their wanting to know something, DWB which to me means Don’t Worry Bout-it. We each have a Special Time with the Holy Abba and we Each have a spirit, it’s good to fellowship but to stay true to the Most High.

    • Yah is a cotraction of Yehovah, taking the first and last letters of the divine Name, [Y-ehova-H] there’s no “a” in the expression. So, it’s not Yah, but YH. (יח). Nothing to do with “yah-weh”.

  10. Thank you for your diligence in your work to bring Yehovah’s Truth out… Yehovah’s timing is ALWAYS perfect, His Truth always comes out… in HIS TIME… You, Nehemia and your team of volunteers are tools in Yehovah’s hand to bring His Truth out once again to help the people of today have His Truth available to us.

  11. I updated the Wikipedia site on the Tetragrammaton with links to your works supporting the NAME as Yahovah! Please go there and update this site with the information you have uncovered. The world needs to know!

  12. Great job, Nehemia!! I thoroughly enjoyed the audio recording! I also downloaded it for future reference. It’s still mind-boggling to think that the very people who SHOULD be aware of God’s Name – “who are called by my Name” as Yehovah himself has said, are mostly in denial and refuse to even contemplate the possibility that they have been wrong about this for so many centuries!!
    May His Name be praised and sanctified for ever and ever!!

  13. Praise YEHOVAH! and bless you all for this prophetic event. I gotta ask, how can someone like me walk in the combined footsteps of you all and find His name with our own eyes(manuscript, database, folio,chapter/vs, etc.)? Sounds like a text book in the future, Nehemia. Maybe with additional volumes as time goes on.

  14. This is Amazing You People!!!! There’s no doubts we’re living in the very final part of this world last days. Jehovah is arranging things in order to reach every man and woman in the world even those not believing him like Jehovah’s Witnesses do. It called to my mind Jericoh Walls Fall likely the last trumpet sign. Jehovah is about to bring His Kingdom that will last forever!

  15. I have a question about the mark under the last hey in the sacred name? I also saw hook like mark under another character, and then I saw this in what someone wrote in a paper that has a mark in Moshe name under the shin which has a segel with a left leaning hook like mark but does not appear in my electronic Hebrew to English Masoretic text.

  16. Yehovah be blessed! Thanks for the info!

    Sharing this info I was told that the oldest hebrew is Paleo-something and the pronunciation is different.

    I did not dig deeper because the current information Gordon is providing just makes sense! I would like to know if such idea of Paleo is real or another wrong seed planted in gnostic literature that brings darkness toward the name.

  17. Hi guys, thank you for your efforts in pursuit of truth.
    I do have one dilemma. If the proper pronunciation of YHVH is “Yehovah”, how come the shortened version YH is pronounced “Yah”?

    We do have full vowels in those cases. Interestingly, first occurrence of Yah is in this week’s parsha, in Exodus 15:2.

        • Hi Nikola, Nehemia explained this before too. I think it was on a Torah/Prophet pearls. Sorry, can’t remember which one. It has to do with Hebrew grammar rules. And we have similar situations with shortened names in English too: Bob isn’t short for Bobert and Bill isn’t short for Billiam. The consonants can change. And as for vowels, Jim isn’t short for Jimes and just cuz we call each other “bro” doesn’t mean we pronounce brother with a long o sound (broh-ther). It’s just the way grammar works. Sometimes there are changes when names are shortened.

          • Referencing you, Nehemia Gordon, and using the correct Sacred Name you have provided cost me a long time friend and some others who appear to have excluded me and then there are those that have made indirect threats to block me. I will never regret properly using the Sacred Name and guiding others to it.

      • Dave g, I agree. Since the YEHOVAH calls himself the first and the last, as well as the Alpha and the Omega, I think you are right on this one. YAH is not the first 2 letters. It is the First and the Last letter. Wish Nehemia could let us know if this is correct or not.

    • To answer my own question, I just listened to Nehemia’s podcast on the parsha Beshalah and he explains that Yah is not a prefix but a nickname. He gives an example of name Michael and nickname Mickey. Now, that seams like a reasonable explanation for everyday linguistic usage. However, I find it difficult to believe that Moses would give such a nickname to God. To me, the only possible explanations are that either God told Moses which nickname to use, or Moses constructed nickname by just taking a part of God’s full name. Since I’m a firm believer in peshat method of interpretation, I tend to think that the second option is more viable.
      In the end I’ll continue using the only undisputed name that is transmitted to us – Yah. And just to be clear, I’m not saying that using either Yehovah or Yahveh is wrong.

  18. This is a fantastic achievement! Shining the light on the truth of His name Yehovah!
    Thanks for allot the hard work you and your team have put in!

    Shabbat Shalom!!

  19. I have greatly enjoyed the findings you have made concerning the correct pronunciation of the holy name of the creator of the universe. Thank the reason you mr. Gordon. It will help to end the fruitless debates about which of the 2 known used versions is correct and it takeebr away the excuse of not using the name at all because of uncertainty for the correct spelling. As I have noticed in the comments of your readers have made,some people in the Jewish faith are still going to insist the sticking to the old Rabbinic traditions despite what ever evidence are brought in the daylight. For honest hearted and humble people the reasoning you used from the holy writings it self would be enough for rejoicing and for desiring to learn more about our loving and wonderful Creater Jehovah (Yehovah). In my birth language (Finnish) word Jehova is used in the oldest translations and it sounds very much like the proper Hebrew pronunciation and same is true in Swedish translations. Modern versions are tending to use Jahve ,when not replaisinng the holy name with titles like the Lord. Only New world translation has faithfully been sticking to name Jehovah in all languages it has been translated. Unfortunately in England soon after releasing of the King James Version the sound (the pronunciation)of letter J was changed and there was no Consonant in alphabet close to its original spelling and this changed spelling of words of Hebrew origins in English language. Jerusalem (Yarushalem) , Jordan (Yordan) and consequently also Jehovah (Yehovah) as English language allows, sounds different from original Proper Hebrew pronunciation. Biggest enemy for use of Gods name inside and outside of Jewish religion is attitude of religious leaders who want to hide Gods name for their own selfish reasons. In Russia last year New world translation of the Holy Scriptures was banned as extremist literature and one of the reasons Russian religious investigators gave for recommending that ban was the use of the divine name Jehovah in both Hebrew and Greek part of the Holy Writings.

  20. Shalom and thank you for doing this research and sharring it. It is great to have proof ofthe original vowel marks from so many different sources.
    For about 10 years now I have be pronouncing the Name as the Karaite Jews do. I heard a recording of their pronunciation and it sounded correct to me. It reminded me of the name my lebonese grandfather used to pronounce it. It has 3 sylllables. The first Yah is strong, the second syllable is very short and sounds like “o” of “u”, and the thrid vah is pronounced long and the “v” sounded more like a “w”. So, I have a probelm when people say Ya-HO-Va. It sounds too much like the way Jehovah’s Witnesses say it.
    Another provlem I find a little disturbing is the Strong’s definintion of “hovah”. Strongs H1943 related to H1842 suggests that this word means ‘ruin, disaster, mischief’; making Yah the god of ruin, disaster and mischief.
    I am no scholar but it seems to me that there is something amiss here. Can you comment on this and perhaps clear up some of the confustion?

    • Hi Ross, I have an explanation of this in my study “The Disastrous Misunderstanding of the Name Yehovah“.

      The key point is that Yehovah has nothing to do with Hovah. Yehovah comes from Hayah (he was), Hoveh (he is), Yihyeh (he will be). The root is Heh-Yod-Heh!

      There’s an unrealted root, Heh-Vav-Heh, that means “destruction”, which Strong’s incorrectly translates as “mischief”. Ironically, there are some scholars who claim that Yahweh comes from this very root and means “He that destroys”! You can check this out the Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament.

  21. Oh how happy Avinu must be with His son Nehemia Gordon. He must be chuckling on His throne in heaven, as He observes the whole team working day and night to proclaim His Holy Name. I rejoice with you who rejoice at the find of the melenium; so much proof of the proper pronunciation of the Name of YEHOVAH! : )

  22. Congratulations to Nehemia and all who have labored in this endeavor! A “spreadsheet” was mentioned in this episode. I would very much be interested in seeing the Scripture references for all 1015 places the Name has been found (including T-Bone’s findings in NT sources). I want to be able to preach the facts/details of this stuff! Is this available? Am I also correct in understanding that out of all the Names found with vowels, ALL of them have the “Yehovah” pronunciation (whether qamatz/patach)? There are literally ZERO known manuscripts with vowels demonstrating any other pronunciation?

  23. @ 5:28
    Devarim 18:15(OJB)
    15 Hashem Eloheicha will raise up unto thee a Navi from among thee, of thy achim, kamoni (like me [Moshe, Ex 32:30]); unto him ye must listen;

    Nehemia, do you think there may be a connection with the following verses?

    Mishle 30:4
    Who hath ascended into Shomayim, or descended? Who hath gathered ruach in the hollows of His hands? Who hath bound the mayim in a cloak? Who hath established all the afsei aretz (ends of the earth)? What is Shmo (His Name), and what is Shem Bno (the Name of His Son [See Memra, creative Word of G-d in Targumim]), if thou canst tell?

    Mattityahu 17:5
    While he was speaking, hinei! A brightly shining anan (cloud) overshadowed them, and hinei! A bat kol (a voice from heaven) out of the anan was saying, This is My Ben ahuvi (beloved Son) with whom I am well-pleased. Listen to him.

    Yochanan 17:25-26 (OJB)

    25 Avi HaTzaddik, indeed the world did not have da’as of You, but I knew You, and these ones knew that You sent me.
    26 And I have made known to them the Shem of You and will make it known, that the ahavah with which You loved me may be in them and I in them.

  24. What is the significance, of Jehovah’s Witnesses proclaiming the name of Jehovah for the last hundred years, as a precursor to your findings.

    • As a Jehovah’s Witness I was very happy at the amazing research all of you have done to find 1015 examples of Jehovah in the various manuscripts. It was enjoyable listening to the audio recording and I sent a thank you to the JW that sent it to me. Well done folks. Warm regards Tim

  25. You have to write at least one more book on this whole topic! This stuff about the sixteen rabbis is information that needs to be out there and so do the source references for all these MSS in which all the vowel makings were repeatedly found. If you charged $100/book I’d buy them (and that would run me about $130 CAD each!) Yehovah bless you and keep you!

  26. I’m so proud to live in a generation where YHVH is allowing His Great and Mighty Name to go forth To and From Israel and the Nations! Blessed be His Glorious Name YHVH!!! Thank you to all doing this powerful work. Don’t even give a moments consideration to the hateful comments some leave in sad ignorance. We appreciate all you guys and gals are doing! Shalom!!!

  27. Nehemiah,
    Did you know that George V. Wigram, an English Biblical Scholar, who wrote THE ENGLISHMAN’S HEBREW AND CHALDEE CONCORDANCE OF THE OLD TESTAMENT first published in 1843, also put the correct vowels for Yehovah? I was shocked. How did he know?! Did he have Jewish ancestry? Is Wigram a Jewish name? He had to have access to something or someone that knew. This is so exciting!
    I had just received the Englishman’s Concordance and went searching to see what he did with the name of Yehovah and on page 30 of the APPENDIX for Hebrew and Chaldee Proper Names, he wrote out the Hebrew word for Yehovah with the correct vowels that you are finding. He even put the accent on the last syllable of the translated English rendition. I took a picture of it and can send that to you if you wish.

    Also, I am beside myself to know what New Testaments manuscripts are being discovered! I know that it is time for them to come to light. When will you be telling us about these?

    Janice Ellis

  28. The vowel markings were for ADONAI (Lord) They were to remind the reader not to say the Most Holy Name of Him aloud. His Name could only be uttered by the High Priest on Yom Kippur, and only within the Holy Of Holies.
    The name Jehovah (Yahovah) is a mistranslation.

    • If the holy name of the True God Jehovah were not allowed to be uttered how could people call on his name to be saved? Romans 10:13

    • The vowels never force the reading Adonai by having the vowels of Adonai (a-o-ai). If they did, it would be read Yahovah. The vowels force the reading of Adonai by having other vowels that are obvious errors or by ommiting the second vowel entirely.

    • Well done Nehemiah that is the best finding ever, this shows that Jehovah’s witnesses were right from th beginning and that we he New world translation always were right in using and pronouncing the holy name right from the beginning as Nehemiah is showing
      Jehovah’s witnesses really believe in the almighty

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