Learn the Lord’s Prayer in Hebrew

Learn the “Our Father” prayer in Hebrew. This version of the Lord’s Prayer was preserved by Jewish rabbis in the Hebrew Gospel of Matthew. Click on each word to hear it recited by Keith Johnson and see the translation.

avee-noo she-ba-sha-mai-yeem, yeet-ka-desh sheem-cha, ve-yeet-ba-rech mal-choot-cha, re-tson-cha yee-h'-ye a-sui ba-sha-mai-yeem oo-va-a-rets, ve-tee-ten lach-me-noo te-mee-deet, oo-me-chol la-noo cha-to-tay-noo ka-a-sher a-nach-noo mo-cha-leem la-chot-teem la-noo, ve-al te-vee-ay-noo lee-day nees-sa-yon, ve-shom-ray-noo mee-kol rah, a-men.


English Translation Here


Lord\'s Prayer in Hebrew
aveenoo shebashamaiyeem yeetkadesh sheemcha veyeetbarech malchootcha retsoncha yeehye asui bashamaiyeem oovaarets veteeten lachmenoo temeedeet oomechol lanoo chatotaynoo kaasher anachnoo mochaleem lachotteem lanoo veal teveeaynoo leeday neessayon veshomraynoo meekol rah amen

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  1. Wow.  I found this yesterday and prayed through it 3 times.   Words cannot describe the emotion of praying to the Father in His own tongue.  Like visiting a foreign country and seeing them smile when we try to converse in their native tongue rather than forcing them to speak in our own.  This morning, I prayed through it again.  Thank you for posting this.  I hope to share it with others and will post about it on my blog. 

  2. I have wanted to learn Hebrew for a while now but could never afford the prices online "teachers" charge.  Here, at least I can learn the Avinu (Lord's Prayer).  Praise God!

    • I have a free class on Monday evenings. We are starting the Hebrew Primer again if you wanted to join us. It is a conference call class.

  3. I am so excited and so full of emotion that I cannot describe by praying this prayer in Hebrew.  My spirit is so filled with overwhelming joy. He has blessed me.  May He continue to bless you as you bless others.  This is so WOW!! 
    I have no idea how long this post will stay up but I plan on coming here as often as I can.  
    God is so very good.

  4. There is no sound when I click on the words. I'll try again later to see if it works. Is anyone else having trouble hearing when they click on the words?

    Such a wonderful resource. I hope I can get it to work so i can learn this prayer in Hebrew.
    Also, could you do the Shema in Hebrew like this one? I'm trying to learn the Shema in Hebrew:).
    Yah bless!!

  5. Thanks for your prompt reply Nehemia.
    Is there an indicator that files are loading, other than browser? I allow the page to load – and when it says 'done' (at the bottom left of my browser), then I tried clicking on the words.
    I use Firefox (fully updated). Imac, fully updated..with various tweaks loaded to enable windows based things to be compatible. No probs with other audio/video on other sites. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Thank you so very much for posting this.  Here lately I've had such a burning desire to understand Hebrew to better under my Lord Jesus. 

  7. I am wondering if you have ever thought about producing a Holy Bible, Nehemia Gordon translation? I do not think that I am the only one who wants to know,  what has been lost in translation for so long.
      I really enjoyed your book," A Prayer To Our Father" and I also enjoyed reading Keith Johnsons, "His Hallowed Name Revealed Again". What a outstanding team you and him make. 
       Thank you for all your work, am looking forward for more.

    • Though not an NG version, I am working on a Tree of Life Time © ToL version with a focus upon such as pertain to Scripture date stamps, the Creator’s own calendar and Biblical/Hebrew reckoning of time… All of which adds up to a much more accurate ancient chronology than what’s been available for at least a couple of millenia. Or at least so it seems to me. Please enjoy, share, and be blessed!: http://adamoh.org/TLT.htm

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  9. Shalom,
    Thank you so very much for all your love and effort for all of us trying so hard to find our way back….you are a very special man…
    Lots of love
    From Us down Under
    The Maas family

  10. Works on Chrome and Firefox on Win8.1 Update. Thank you.

    אני חושב שצריך להיכתב -תתברך מלכותך- כי מילת מלכות הרי היא לשון נקבה. וגם צריך להיכתב -ותתן לחמנו תמיד- כי זה תואר הפועל ולא תואר השם.


  11. Thanks Nehemiah,I have bookmarked this for instant access….there is one thing….As I already read and speak Hebrew (I’m not a physical Judain…) I find your English translation somewhat disconcerting because it reads left to right….I suspect that it’s not possible to type English to read right to left…but I’m sure it would make learning Hebrew a lot easier if it were poss…
    Blessings and shalom.

  12. Thank you for not giving the Yiddish pronunciation. It is so hard to understand east-coast rabbi’s when they speak, trying to figure out what is an authentic ‘s’ sound and what would be read as ‘th’. Todah.

  13. Nehemiah I am confused. Is the Lord’s Prayer a prayer appropriate to be recited by Jews, especially those who follow Karaite traditions. The prayer is after all from the New Testament (Matt. vi. 9-13; Luke xi. 1-4), and as such is not part of the what we believe to be the Words of G-D. If you have changed your religious philosophy and now follow the teachings of Jesus, perhaps that should be disclosed.

    • Hi Roger, Karaite Jews traditionally pray a number of prayers that are not part of the Tanakh. For example, Ein Keloheinu has been a part of communal Karaite services for centuries. If there is something in the “Our Father” prayer that is contrary to the Tanakh, I would love to hear about that. I would invite you to read my book “A Prayer to Our Father” for more information.

  14. thanks for this but I do question the ending rah A men sounds Egyptian and referencing an Egyptian deity A men Rah, is Amien which is so be it or perhaps Yahmein more appropriate ? just saying… Berekyahu and shalom

  15. Thank you Nehemiah for your rapid reply. I guess my formative education in a New York Yeshiva leaves me a bit concerned and biased about reciting the Pater Noster, a prayer so central to Christianity, and written by followers of Jesus. I am certain that you or the other Hakhamim could find a prayer more appropriate to the teachings of Jewdaism in general and Karaite philosophy specifically.

  16. .
    A great prayer to learn. Although I’ve been teaching myself some Hebrew, It would be nice to know what the english translation of the words would mean so that I can add to my vocabulary

    • What system are you using (Windows 7, MacOS X, etc.) and which browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.)? My first suggestion would be to try a different browser. Also, you must wait for all the files to download, which might take a minute or two on a slow connection (I’m in China over a VPN and it takes about 30 seconds for me).

  17. Interesting; given that Jesus spoke most of the time in Aramaic, perhaps you can indicate what the differences are between Hebrew and Aramaic. I understood that it was actually more the way it was spoken rather than the written version.

    When you say “Jewish Rabbis” do you in fact mean Matthew or do you have a different perspective on who wrote it/preserved it?

    Also I do agree that a proper translation of the Old and New Testament is required – I find that there are many incorrect translations in the Greek as well as in the Hebrew – in part this is to do with historical Church politics.

    I Just need to point out for some of the people who commented here that some parts of the New Testament were originally written in Greek (e.g. Luke’s Gospel, book of Acts, most of Paul’s letters etc) and so a Hebrew version would be inappropriate.

  18. Actually, my bad. Seems that most scholars accept that Jesus would have spoken in Hebrew most of the time. The “error” comes because in some places Aramaic is used, however according to most scholars today the “greek” version we have in the synoptic Gospels is really Hebrew translated word for word into Greek. Nevertheless my latter two comments still seem valid.

  19. Thank you Nehemiah for this excellent learning tool! But to make it perfect, could you change it a little bit so it will look like a interlinear transliteration (word for word).

  20. Wonderful work… well done and thanks!

    Jehoshua always said over and over that His kingdom was not of this world; we are to bring the higher realm to eretz ha-ze.

    Isn’t the tav without a dagash pronounced “th” not “te”?

    Is that Keith’s voice? Man, he sounds como Israeli!

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